Most Men Now, Mount Didaki, Oceans Crossed, Forest Explored, But Mosque Skipped

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When the phrase "youth of the times" is heard by the ear then of course clearly illustrated diotak first time is the youth who is not clear job, who likes to play here there is no purpose, and looks messy.

Correct? It must be true, because usually the youth who often hang out in the mosque, busy present pengajian, and dressed in sunnah rasul would be considered "primitive" or not slang and not the present.

Yes, most of today's youth mountains climbed, oceans crossed, on the streets, but the mosque passed. Anything like this? Many!

Many of today's youth busied themselves only with what is happy, no matter what the benefits.

Who appear in the eyes and their minds just how to enjoy life with happy, happy, enjoy. Not well, rightly, and according to His rules.

Those who claim to be young people now, most of them who just more fun leyeh-leyeh nikmatin live than menfaatin life, under the pretext of "mumpung still young".

Padaha, the true is while still young so much to learn about a science as a provision of life. Because the true responsibility of men who notabeninya as a leader is greater than a woman.

They also often say "what a life if not enjoyed and filled the fun, because life in the world only once".

Yups, it is true to live in the world only once, and it is fine if you fill it with pleasure, but make sure it remains true according to God.

Because not a bit of youth today is just more fun to satisfy the life of playing with something that is not important, rather than attend congregation dimesjid or present pengajian which is clearly the way to the eternal pleasure (heaven).

And a lot of them are also more absorbed in the style of contemporary youth pagan who is not clear the purpose of his life. They think cool by imitating the style and lifestyle, because that appears in their eyes just happy.

They chose to abandon the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW which would obviously lead to the path of heaven, under the pretext of "ah not the present." Na'udzubillah

In fact, if we want bermuhasabah, the more the current the more knowledge we encounter in social media hususnya, we should further strengthen the heart for more on his path.

But unfortunately, they are all not aware of such a, they do not realize that the greater the responsibility of his self is greater.