Look at His Sincerity Now, Not The Past Dark

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Sometimes marital relationships are shaken up because of one's past dark past, if such things happen to you right now, be aware! Someone lives for the future, not the past.

So when you know that your mate was not as good as he is now, do not be so upset and sad. Look at the sincerity that is now, because after all there is no perfect man in this world.

You do not have to think about the past, because his past is just an old story that will not come back.

Appreciate the one who is with you now, even though it was true that he had a dark life, even circumstances that you may not like until now.

But you are not careful to address all that, because the past will remain a worn out period and will not come back again. Whereas now he is always desperately better to improve you.

Take control of your heart not to complain when already know how her past, because when you are able to accept her love, you should also be able to accept any deficiencies and advantages.

Do not be selfish with anger and disappointment knowing that he has such shortcomings, for there really is not any perfect makhluq on earth.

Then you should be sincere to know everything, not why he was once not good and fall in the things that God hates, as long as with you now until later, he always tried better.

It does not matter if his past is so disgusting, as long as it's with you that this change of change that he's getting used to can bring you closer to God.

Because after all everyone is entitled to be better than his past, then make sure you never selfish to him when he knew his shortcomings and his past.

Wisely, he is the most precious figure to you, because he is the one God has destined to be your true friend of all time, so do not ever stop halfway and give up in the word "divorce" because you feel unacceptable.

Remember, he is the one who God chose for you, he is the best fate of God, then make sure you always trust to receive and keep it, no matter the lack or the dark past has appeared all in sight.

Because the one you have chosen and you have belonged before God is the best, then do not ever give up on destiny, though trials often greet you.