Do not Hate the Parting, Because It Will Be The Beginning Of The New Meeting

in #life3 years ago

The end of the journey will be the start of another journey, and a farewell will be the beginning of a new meeting.

The new one is certainly better, because that is why you should not be too sorry for the provision God has given you.

It's better not to be sanctioned now, before you step on a more serious level than later after living with him he's not good.



And it can not be denied that anyone would not be happy when faced with a farewell, because in truth that man always wants to have.

So naturally if there are among us who sometimes restless chaotic, because not accept because of separation.

But be aware O self, God's purpose is good, if he takes something from you, God will give you a better one.

And just worth it if someone is sometimes traumatized and long enough to recover from the downturn, because separated fit again unfortunately it is very torture.

Separated fitting again believes it is very sad indeed, because of course treat the disappointment is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.

Then when any of us who also complain can not move on, then it is true if we are not good at restoring everything to God.

Because, move on whether or not a person is not because he was too in love, only his heart is not hastened depending on God, until ikhlaspun difficult to do.

But when we are able to more wisely, believing it to be the best of God's destiny, so sadly any sort of separation is sure to be grateful for.

Because it is as bad as any of God's destiny will be a real new good, when we are able to process it into wisdom with sufficient patience.

So, as bad as any separation that befell us, still we believe and believe in God. Because it is a good way to meet new and better people.

Therefore, surrender and not merely lament, because after this God is writing a beautiful meeting for you instead.


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