Be Patient To Get More Beautiful

in #life3 years ago

Many say that waiting is a saturating thing, let alone awaited is a dating figure and other people often ask "when is married?", "When nyusul me?", Or "not bored alone?".

Do you think that dating is a kebut-kebutan event? So for you who often make up uncomfortable noise from others, stay patient.

Since you really only need to be a little bit longer to arrive at His providence, be assured that God is now designing a blessed meeting for you.

So be calm while others on kepanya nanyain, because God has now prepared a beautiful story for you, which will make you forget tired of waiting.

God is also good, when you are able to keep yourself well then surely he who is good will be truly dedicated to you.

Furthermore, God tells you to wait for it not without cause, but He wants to perfect your perfection with goodness, so that when it's time to meet a lot of good you will get.

For that, do not complain and never worry, because complaining and worry it will only make you more impatient.

Believe me, the best mate is now God ready for you, then the lotin berdinnuddzan to Him.

Do not give your heart a bad-mindedness on things that have not happened yet. Remember, God is in accordance with the prejudices of His servants, then make sure you are good-faith preacher to God.

Allah also will never exchange your soul mate with someone else's mate, whom God watches for you for God offering to you, so do not you ever worry about anything calm God's plan.


Resign, return everything to God with confidence, so that your waiting does not feel boring even though it has been long.

And when others ask, why not have a match? So just answer with ease and patience, God knows that I'm not ready for a mate, because that's why He told me to wait in advance.

So, do not be upset when you are questioned, be patient and patient, because when you are upset then surely you will grunt your circumstances. este