Is France a hidden royalty ?

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The French, armed with their yellow vests, are in the streets to express their discontent.
A great man once said that the French were all sheep, but history tells us that the people have always been able to unite in the toughest moments.
France rose in 1789, creating a major change in its history.
In May 1968, the post-war French also showed the path of discontent.
2018/19, serra may be a new pivotal period in our history ....


Is the kingdom of France still present?

The king is dead, long live the king !!!!
We are no longer governed by blue bloods, because kings and their descendants no longer rule our country. Today the people vote to elect these leaders.
But do not you think there are similarities with this medieval period?
First, the king / president rules by imposing ever larger taxes
Certainly, at the time these were imposed, today they are voted and imposed.
The nobles reigned supreme over their lands and grew rich on the backs of the people, the peasants.
Lobbies dominate our country, and politicians participate in that.
Today there are also the nobles and the pundits, but in a hidden and unavowable way.


Europe at the heart of all the discussions
I do not believe in a particular political party, because in the end they were all on the same bench of the grandes écoles.
I am not for or against Europe, because I think that some things have improved the daily, and others have been disasters.

I give you an example :
For the construction of a wall of 2 meters over several hundred meters
A market opening was created to compare the best proposals.
As a result, a foreign company was selected to perform the work.
The latter had a much lower price than French companies.
What you have to remember is not just the price of coming back, but rather how they were able to position themselves as financially low.

  • The hourly rate is much lower than a French worker (which is sad for workers in these countries).
  • These workers worked day and night with only a few hours of rest at the end of the night to make their trips profitable.

Europe leaves very little chance for smes in certain sectors of activity in France.
Huge taxes imposed on the bosses of these smes reduce hiring and prevent them from competing with other countries.


Abuses that took people to the streets

Another thing that I find is a total abuse of the people is the monopoly.

Remember the prices imposed by the telephone operators of the time (itineris, sfr, bouygues).
They all swore, that lower prices were just impossible to reach and that it already provided the best benefits with the best prices.

They lied to us ...... ..


When FREE came on the box market then mobile, the prices fell completely overnight.
In a few weeks he offered us prices much lower than the flight they had been doing for years to line up on FREE and so not to lose their subscribers, we were their cash cows.

Have you looked at the price of auto parts and the recent rise of all sellers?
After a dialogue between them on the rise in prices, they increase their margins on us, once again ....

As we are in the automotive sector, let's continue with the second-hand market.
The opportunity is two to three times larger than new car purchases. Which, of course, hinders the lobbies of the automobile.
The government today is tackling the opportunities through various means, pollution, technical control, tax, price of spare parts, etc ....
You have to buy something new to feed the lobbies.

Regarding the fuel increase I let you judge by yourself



We could go on like this for a very long time, because unfortunately we all have examples.
Are there solutions, I think.
This hidden kingship between politicians and lobbies that uses the people is a reality (whatever the political party).
But we have no choice, we need many leaders.
I do not know if this yellow vest event will change things, but I want to believe in a fairer world and a stronger France.

I dream of seeing a president focused on renewable energies like the Nordic countries who are 20 or 30 years ahead of us. To stop nuclear power plants and create jobs in this sector.
A president who imposes on Europe fair rules on European competition in our territory.
To wage war on lobbies for a more just France.

Yes, I dream, but is it a crime?

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