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Sleeping ½ hour with deep sleep during the day can give you freshness again after waking up with a value equivalent to sleeping an hour late at night. But if more than ½ hour (1 hour or more), you will even feel tired.

Explanation: Naturally based on our body clocks (our habits), the body's metabolism (the workings of the body system, including generating energy) during the day progresses faster than at night. This is because the activity during the day requires more energy in the night appeal.
In sleep there is decreased acceleration of body metabolism due to the body in a state of rest. In the first ½ hour we sleep during the day the acceleration of body metabolism decrease has not been so, so fresh effect was felt when we wake up, even equivalent to 1 hour if you sleep at night. Because at night the speed of the body's metabolism is in a slow state.
While in the first ½ hour we sleep during the day, the speed of body metabolism is still fast and generate more energy than the night, so we feel more refreshed.

But if we sleep up to 1 hour or more during the day, the body will experience accelerated metabolic decline is sharper because the body assumes that we are not going to move again. By the time we wake up we become very tired. This is due to the amount of energy produced less body metabolism due to decreased acceleration, while the need more.

Meanwhile, when we sleep enough in the evening, when we wake up in the morning we will feel the body more fresh due to the body's metabolism automatically based on the body clock (our habits) will increase acceleration at sunrise.

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