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Was It Worth It..?

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Many of us has gone through bullying which destroy us from the inside just because we are weak to react back to the persons bullying us and this is the course of enjoyment for some person and this does not add anything positive in the society. Everyone has the right to live his life in his own way and for that he just don't need your words which can destroy him/her from inside. And now with the help of social media platforms we can spread memes to the masses which can effect the person's social life badly.

There are many examples out there which ended up in the suicides along with many troubles just because of the random memes. People make fun of other person without imaging any consequences that the target person may face. i will quote some examples and my question to you will be " WAS IT WORTH IT?"

Auntie Gormint


May you have ever seen this lady's abusive viral video on the internet and now her family is seriously in trouble just because of unnecessary memes her son said to an interview to a Tv

"Everyone makes fun of my mother. We have stopped attending family events because people, instead of enjoying the family functions, shift their focus on my mother. We have had many altercations with our relatives and neighbors over the issue. As a result no one comes to our house anymore"
Moreover she also have unmarried daughter and no one is ready to marry her daughters just because of that viral video.

Rosalie Avila



She was a student at a middle school in Calimesa where she was bullied so badly and in the she suffed so much in silence that eventually she hangs her self just because of bullying.

"I remember a couple nights she'd come home, telling me that the kids are calling her names about her teeth. I go, 'You have braces, honey, don't worry. The braces are going to come off,' and she said, 'Yeah, but my teeth are straight and they're still making fun of me" Father of Rosalie said

Now i Would like to ask to All of you "Was IT WORTH IT?" How many lives we will delegate to Bullying and teach our child about this ?

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We really need to stand up against the bullies

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that is sad. bullying is not at all acceptable. :-(

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We the people need to rise against bullying of any sort especially in our educational systems to curtail ulgy incedence such as that of Rosalie Avila. Who knows, if only those required to stand up for her, played their role effectively, she would still be alive. We must create a campaign against bullying #WARAGAINSTBULLYING and spread the news on all social media platform. RIP Rosalie Avila!

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very sad, kids can be so cruel. Not a fan of the education system, and I feel like young kids aren't mature enough to realize how harmful their actions can be. It's so hard to tell children not to take bullying to heart, because the feeling for approval among peers is often strong.

In the day and age where we have safe spaces and are so worried about being politically correct, I think that's the wrong direction to take and makes people more sensitive. Kids need to know that not everyone is fair, and the opinions that matter the most are from your loved ones and friends.

I agree,each individual should be independent to live in this universe

really very sad who do bullying, we should stand all steemians against bullying.