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Once upon a time, it was a beautiful child daughter of a king named Sungging Perbangkara from a large kingdom in western Java. The princess is called Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi beauty is not indisputable. Many kings of the monarchy fought just to make Dayang Sumbi a wife. Feeling he was the source of the war, Dayang Sumbi finally decided to go to the forest and live there.

One day, when Dayang Sumbi was weaving, the spun yarn he was wearing fell. Lazy to pick up the spun yarn, he said "who can get the spun yarn, he will be my husband." Suddenly the dog picked up the yarn and gave it to Dayang Sumbi. The dog was named Tumang. The dog is not an ordinary dog, it is said he is a descendant of God. Because it has been ensnared, finally Dayang Sumbi make Tumang as husband and from their marriage they dikaruniahi seroang child named Sangkuriang.

Sangkuriang grows into a handsome young man, powerful and powerful. During his lifetime, he is always accompanied by Tumang who only has a dog that is faithful, not the atmosphere. One time, Sangkuriang was asked to hunt with Tumang by his mother, Dayang Sumbi.

"Mom, I will bring a deer's heart for you", promises Sangkuriang.
"Huff ... huff" bark Tumang.
"Well boy, be careful." Dayang Sumbi said.

Sangkuriang and Tumang started hunting a deer. After hunting all day with no results, Sangkuriang worried will make his mother disappointed. Thinking briefly, he takes his arrow and shoots it at Tumang and grabs his heart then takes it home to give it to his mother.

At home Sangkuriang gave the heart to his mother. But Dayang Sumbi realizes that it is not the heart of a deer but the heart of the dog, Tumang. He gets angry and strikes Sangkuriang with a spoon on his head.

Then Sangkuriang traveled around the world until he returned to his village unnoticed. There he meets a beautiful woman who is actually his mother.

Sangkuriang and the beautiful woman fell in love with each other and they decided to get married.

But Dayang Sumbi then realizes that the man he loves is his son. He saw a scar on the head of Sangkuriang. To undo Sangkuriang's intention to marry her, Dayang Sumbi then asks two impossible things as a condition of her marriage.

"If you want to marry me, make a lake and a very big boat in one night" Dayang Sumbi pleaded.
"Ready, if you want it. I will give you what you ask. "Sangkuriang agrees.

With its powerful power and with the help of spirits, both requests were felt to be accomplished in one night. Sangkuriang also make a lake with stem the river citarum and make a boat. Concerned that Sangkuriang will finish it, Dayng Sumbi prayed to God to help him to upset Sangkuriang's intentions. Suddenly the horizon light from the east appeared and the morning came.

Thinking that his business is siasia. He angrily kicked the boat upside down. Then perhau became a mountain known as the Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban means upside down and Boat means boat.

Well, the message of Tangkuban Perahu above is not to lie, what else to our parents.

Hopefully Folklore Sangkuriang above can be useful and can also entertain my friend. If there is a mistake both in the form of writing and the content of the folklore above, please allow constructive criticism and suggestions for common progress. Do not forget to like and share also ya buddy. Thank you ... ^^ Continue Education Indonesia ^^

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