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Remember that most deaths in the world occur due to chest injury due to increased cholesterol.
You will know many people in your own home whose weight and cholesterol have increased.
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  • (Heart Patients) * are selling
    But if you have any problem, then the doctor will say * Angioplasty * * (angiopolasti) *. In this operation, the doctor puts a * spring * in the heart groove called stent. * Stent * makes it in the US and * Its cost of production is only $ 3 (300 or 350 rupees). *
    The same stent is sold in Lucknow * 3 or 5 lakhs * in the sanctuary and is returned to you. The doctors get the commission of these funds, so that it repeatedly tells you Angioplasty.

  • Cholestrol, BP heart attack *
    The main reason for coming, Angioplasty operation. This never happens to anyone. The doctor of a spring that keeps in the heart of the heart is exactly like pen's spring.
    In a few months, this spring begins to gather both the front and back blockage * (cholesterol and fat) * after that. Then comes again * Heart Attack (Heart Attack) *
    The doctor says that you do Angioplasty again .You cover money and get rid of your life.
    Now read this disease.

  • Ginger Juice * * It slim blood.
    It reduces the pain by naturally up to 90%.

Garlic Juice *
Allicin element present in it reduces cholesterol and BP.
He opens the heart blur.

  • Lemon Juice * It contains antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium blood in it.
    They increase immunity.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar *
    It has 90 types of elements that open the body's nerves, clear the stomach and eradicate fatigue.
    These local things
    Use this way

  • 1-Take a cup of lime juice. *

Take 2 cups of a cup ginger. *

  • 3-Take a cup of garlic juice. *

  • 4 .Check a cup of apple apple syrup, and then heat it on the heat, when cooling 3 cups, cool it. You get 3 cups of honey. *

Take 3 spoon of this medicine daily in the morning, with a little stomach, all of which
All the blocs will end.
The birds will open.

God willing.

You all want to broadcast this message as much as possible so that everyone can treat their medicines.

  • I'm sorry.

Just think that evening
It's 7:25 and you're going home, that's all alone.
In such cases, there is a sudden pain in your chest that is happening with your hands
The jaws reach.

You are 5 miles away from your nearest hospital to your home and by chance you do not understand whether you will reach the wind or not.
You have trained in CPR but you do not even teach how to use it on yourself.

  • Take such steps to avoid a heart attack like this *
    Since most people are lonely at heart attack, it is difficult to breathe without any help. They seem to be unconscious and have only 10 seconds

  • A person suffering from such condition can keep himself normal by eating it. *

  • One should breathe before each cough and the cough is so sharp that the chest goes out. *

This is not as long as it helps
The process should be repeated in two seconds so that the turn becomes normal.

  • Breathing breathes produce oxygen in lungs *

  • And the heart is slow due to pressure due to which the blood plays regularly. *

  • Allow this message as far as possible. *

A heart doctor even said that if a person sends this message to 10 people, one life can be saved. You are all requested.
Instead of sending pictures

  • Send this message to everyone. *