A strange Divorce Case in Istanbul: He loves his bike!

in #life4 years ago

Yağmur Z., who said that her husband Burak Z. does not care about her at all, have opened a divorce case. She said "He is in love with his bicycle". Yağmur Z. demands 400,000 TL (appx. 85,000 € )for compensation.

According to a report in the Sabah newspaper, Yağmur Z. said "My husband is spending time with his bike constantly, he has a different connection with his bike, he cleans, cleans and repairs his bicycle every day in the middle of the living room. Yağmur Z., who says "My psychology is broken, I am very worn and I have nothing left", demanded 400,000 TL compensation.

This made my day :D


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poor woman, perhaps she can offer him to clean his bike and ask him to buy her a bike too!!

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