A Beautifully Creative Mind: Canadian Crypto-miner has built a system that uses heat produced by mining to grow crops and fish.

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Bruce Hardy, a Canadian entrepreneur living in the Manitoba region, is producing edible plants and fish by spreading the energy generated by 30 crypto-money mining equipment on an area of 1,850 square meters.

Hardy, which produces about 800 trout and soilless plants on the first floor of the building, uses the intensive nitrate-containing wastewater of fish to fertilize her plants with its aquaponic system.

Hardy, who has been a crypto money miner for about two years, says that in the early days he used large-scale air conditioning to cool his equipment, but later realized that heat energy could be used in agricultural production.

"I think it is a project for the benefit of the community as far as I see it," said Dwayne Clark, Village Council President, who supported Hardy's project.

Hardy announced that Chinese investors and Australian researchers are interested in the project and plan to grow the project, while the project is still in its infancy and says that only the quarter where it lives consists of the cryptocurrency mining and the aquaponic system.

"Hydrogenergy is our greatest asset here," said Hardy, while Canadian provinces such as Manitoba are becoming centers of attraction for cryptocurrency mining companies thanks to cheap and abundant hydroenergy. We can accomplish great things if we can create added value by using our energy here. "

Besides cheap energy, Manitoba is one of the coldest major settlements in North America, attracting attention from large corporations that make cryptocurrency mining.

So, the case shows that the heat generated from mining doesn't need to be pure waste and hazardous to the environment and earth. This is very good news. I hope we see more of it.

Thanks for reading!


This is very good, thank you for sharing. This could heat up my pool :)

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Helpful project.

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good post man. This is what a love about crypto, there is so much innovation going on in the space. keep up the good work!

The crypto space is all about innovation and enhancement. Such wonderful ideas and uses are popping out.

Baddas. They should call it Recycrypto.
...kinda sound's like a super villain actually.
Or a dinosaur.
Ok now it's just pokemon.

THC-coin definitely needs to jump on this train.
We could like.... mine weed maaan...

I love this. So cool.

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