Variety at Food Courts

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A large percentage of the population in Singapore lives in apartments and condominiums and there are usually food courts in or around these massive blocks of building.


My friend, Annie and I visited Singapore to meet up with some old friends currently working there. It is so easy to find our own way around the city. Public transportation was convenient and while our friends worked, the both of us wandered around Orchard Street, Botanical Garden and visited Sentosa Island.


Our friends made sure we were well fed. The food scene at the food courts was awesome. We loved the tasty yet reasonably priced noodles for breakfast or lunch. In the evenings, we were treated to really delicious Japanese or Chinese cuisine.


Annie and I were so glad we had accepted our friends' invitation.

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Singapore is a capitalist authoritarian utopia where I would love to live! The food also looks AWESOME!👌🏻

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