Toddler's Security Blanket

in #life5 years ago


The kiddo's blankie goes everywhere with him. He has like three security blankets and is not particular which one we carry around for him. We make sure that he does not insist on only a special blankie. If any blanket needs to be washed, there are spares to avoid any anxiety or tantrum.

The security blanket(s) is so essential for some babies or toddlers as it helps to keep them happy and calm. At nap time or bedtime, we often see the kiddo lightly patting his blankie as a way of soothing himself to sleep.

I remember that when she was young, the kiddo's mama used to put a pillow near her feet before going to sleep. Apparently, if her toes could touch or feel the pillow, then everything is good and safe for a perfect slumber.

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