Pork Rib Tea

in #life5 years ago


This dish is very popular with the Chinese in south east Asia. This is really a one pot meal comprising of various cuts of pork of your liking boiled in a concoction of Chinese herbs and spices.

When the pork is cooked and falling off the bone, other ingredients are added to enhance flavour and appeal the palate. The usual additions are shiitake mushroom, fried beancurd and lettuce. Some menus offer fish slices, sea cucumber, crab and even abalone.


I love the tea or soup and happy to eat rice drowned in the soup sans meat or other ingredients. The taste of the tea could be overwhelming and strange to the uninitiated. Even the aroma of the hot soup could be unpleasant for some.


Wow i miss to eat this food hope soon my wife prefer me this food when I've home

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