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I like using a robot vacuum to sweep the floors because I could just turn it on and leave for work. When the battery is almost drained, it automatically goes back to the charging station.

I have an old robot vacuum that I have not used since 2016 because the battery has gone really dead. This was a cheap appliance but I have not thrown it out because it still looks new.

I took it out from the storeroom and started looking online with the faint hope of finding someone who sells a compatible battery. Apparently, cheap products don't get any after sales service.


I was pleasantly surprised. The online scenario has changed much since 2016. I contacted a battery distributor who kindly recommended that I call another online shop for more information and I did just that.

I got my new battery two days later. So excited and immediately tried out the robot after charging the new battery for four hours (as recommended). I was so disappointed that the cute vacuum robot refused to budge at all. Maybe it was mechanical failure and nothing to do with the battery in the first instance.

After a few days, I reinserted the new battery into the robot vacuum and thankfully it worked! Quiet and efficiently picking dust and doggy hair. So happy!


I need to get one for my puppy as well... I will try a cheap one due the roomba is too much...

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