Driveway Social

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Summer is coming to an end and people are taking this last opportunity to spend an evening outdoors with neighbours. So don't be surprised to receive driveway social invitations on your community page or in your mailbox.


Come out and enjoy an evening with your neighbours. It's like a potluck. Most hosts would provide food and beverage. Guests are encouraged to bring their own liquor. A dish of food would be welcomed.


We will prepare some hors d'oeuvres, chicken wings and pasta. Neighbours do not come empty-handed. They also bring their own foldable chairs! A couple of tables laden with food, chairs and some nice lighting will be enough to create the fun atmosphere of talk and enjoyment.



The kids will also have an awesome time playing games and riding their wagons and bikes. When the mood gets to them, everyone including kids would not object to some energetic street dancing!

Neighbours prancing and dancing to the beat of Mr C's Cha Cha Slide....


Loved it!

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Nothing but love, peace and joy.
The ideal life.

well done my dear friend, very nice article.