Deep Fryer

in life •  4 months ago 


I saw this deep fryer at a friend's kitchen. Several of us were at her house preparing curry puffs for a charity event. We divided ourselves into a few small groups; to handle various chores. Those in charge of frying the curry puffs were using all types of pots including this electric FryDaddy.

Everyone there except me knew about FryDaddy and how economical and useful it was. Less oil for deep frying compared with the common rectangular deep fryer. This does not come with a wire basket but a perforated plastic ladle is provided.

The FryDaddy cost less than thirty dollars. I told my daughter that I must have it and bought one at Walmart. It's been more than three years and I have yet to fry any food in it. However, I have been using the plastic ladle and can attest that it is very very useful.

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