Bad Hair Day

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I got a small shock when my son came home with a crew cut as his hair had been like shoulder length. This new style actually looked rather good on him but it took a bit of time for both of us to get accustomed to it. He mentioned that he had asked the barber for a haircut number two!


I was totally flabbergasted as I have no idea what he was talking about. I had taken him to the barber every month for long years until he insisted on keeping his hair. The next time he needed a trim, I tagged along and true enough, there was a tired looking picture of haircut numbers on the wall. The numbers one to eight actually refer to the size of the guard on the clipper, which in turn determines how long your hair will be.


The little kiddo needs a haircut regularly and the home hairstylist is not very practised despite several attempts. The end result is often hilarious and not the hoped-for hairstyle. The poor little guy ends up being completely bald or maybe a number two! He is too young to know better or maybe he is not bothered at all. At times after a bad haircut, the home hairstylist and the kiddo will pay a visit to the Great Clips or Sports Clip salon to fix the problem.


While holidaying in South East Asia, the kiddo made a visit to a barbershop that has the ubiquitous rotating barber pole sign and experienced a 'traditional' cut by an Indian barber. He was all smiles after the trim and kept pestering us about that unfamiliar smell (talcum powder and hair tonics) in the shop.



For those of us who have no idea what a haircut number is about, pick the style of your choice here.

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