A little imagination goes a long way

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Little birds are singing and dropping by the bird feed and mini water fountain now and then. Spring is here and the children are raring to be out of the house.

The kiddo and his first chum who sometimes wanted to be called Jake (and the Never Land Pirates) are happy travelling the world in their magnificent ship. They are of course under the protection of their ferocious hound and together the trio went about saving the world.


The boys are so imaginative and they had some help from the occasional watching of the animated series on TV. Jake's mummy seldom lets him watch TV but when he gets the opportunity, it's this cartoon for him while the kiddo prefers Chuggington anytime.

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hey, @msooi.

It's always good to hear that kids have an imagination still. It's something that's easy to lose when more time is spent consuming television or video games than it is playing outside where you have to come up with your own ideas and stories.

I think it's great, and hopefully they'll always have their imaginations to follow and fall back on.


Hello, hello! Amen to kids and their imaginations and love for fun!