Best 11 Recommendations Every Happy Couple should do before going to sleep.

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Hi, there. In every very happy relationship, what is vital? Is it necessary to have some good time to spend together before going to sleep, maybe it is the first and foremost? But it doesn’t matter before go to sleep how much time a couple spends together, it may be an hour or may just a few minutes. If you both are enjoying showing your love, each other’s company, that is awesome. How do you confirm that your relationship with your partner stays as warm just like the dawn time of your relationship and how to make a stronger connection between both of you?

Here is the most common but very effective 11 things form well-known psychologist. It is about what to avoid towards and how to behave with your partner.

No 11: Switch your phone to silent mode.


This is important that before going to sleep you must switch your phone to silent mode. Do you know that the release of Oxytocin, the love hormone of your body is suppressed by the dependency of social media? What does this hormone work for the human body? Exactly this is the responsible for every emotional intimacy and bonding and also makes surety of trustfulness between partners. Carol Carey, psychotherapist advice about some simple rule to follow that you must turn off your mobile phone or keep it far from you at 9 PM.

No: 10: Forget Work.


Work? Forget it when you are on house. Do not check your email, Facebook, tomorrow’s office or work plan in bed. It’s better to take some time with your partner and also have some rest that can help you more productivity for the next day. Talking In bed helps partner emotionally to get distracted by problems. Always try to avoid any financial troubles' conversation what makes your partner worried.

No: 9 Try to go to bed at the same time.

This is a most common issue for the partners. Many people don’t see each other for a long time during the day, and they have a bad habit of going bed at the different time. About 75 percent busy couples do this on regular basis. It happens because one of the partners watches TV, browsing the internet or working. It’s not good. Curt Smith, Psychologist says a happy couple rises together and goes to sleep at the same time. This routine helps couples to maintain the warmth and intimacy of the relationship.

No: 8 Following a routine.

Going to sleep at the same time helps a couple to have a sound sleep. Following a same routine brain receives a signal of sleeping time and prepares the body to go to bed for sleep. If a couple follows this routine together it will make their relationship more bonding, more intimate and trustworthy.

No 7: Heart to Heart talking.


Respect partners feeling and keep pay attention. You don’t need to find out immediate solutions to your partner's problems or give an advice. Sometimes your partner needs your take care and support to overcome problems. Ryan House, Psychologist advice that before going to bed you should give some dedicated time to your partner to exchange warm feelings between both of you and your partner.
End of the day this will help you to build a positive note and ensures your better feelings. It has a positive sign that will change your mood and it is scientifically proved that when you express your gratitude to your lovely person sincerely it stimulates and the current spike in your feeling of happiness. Just let your mind to forget whatever happened in the day also leaves problems and concerns outside of the bedroom. Just express your partner that how much your love. Point to be noted that you must be serious and sincere when you express feelings.

No 6 don't argue or get into heated conversations.


Do not fight with your partner. Couples, who have been married for almost 40 year’s advice and express their experiences that no disagreement is worth more than a day's fight, Before going to sleep couples should not be involved in heated arguments, it is a reminder from Kurt Smith. Fighting before sleep doesn’t solve any problems, besides it creates problems to get sleep and make you feel depressed next day.

NO 5: Make Sure your bedroom child free.


Michael Viner Davis, another psychologist refers couples to make sure their bedroom should be free from children. You can let your children in your bedroom, to sleep you they have a nightmare. But all the rest times your bedroom should be free from your children, it is your private place. You should have to make sure that in your bedroom you have a private space for both of you, it will maintain your intimacy and this is proof that the quality of your rest is deteriorated when sleeping with children. Sleep deprivation is much worse than food deprivation.

No 4: Don’t allow your pet in your bed during sleep.



Research of the University of Kansan,it is reported that about 63% of people sharing their bed with a pet cannot get enough sleep. Your pet disturbers you're rest because it can’t be asleep through the whole night. If I give you an example that cats spend sleeping two-thirds of their life.

No 3: Do not drink alcohol before going to sleep.


Do not drink alcohol or smoking before going to sleep. To make a romantic atmosphere many people like to drink a glass of wine. You sleep becomes shorter if you take alcohol before sleep because your body digesting alcohol the restorative period of your sleep. Huge studies on this topic have shown that alcohol makes your sleeping time I mean makes the period of sleep become shorter and makes your sleep longer. How wonderful is that? Really? But the second half of the night who drink alcohol feel restless disturbed sleep. It makes you feeling tired when you wake up in the morning. Snoring is also another problem of drinking alcohol.

No 2 Massage; give each other.



Its a confirmation from the specialist from the National Foundation of sleep that a light relaxing massage just before going to sleep is highly beneficial that improves sleeping quality. The scientist from Northumbria University researched that 19 couples took a short course of massage and after completing it about 91% of couples were eager to recommend this type of mutual treatment. It helps to build emotional state as all we physical improvement of the partners who received massage.

No 1: Hug and Kiss.



Don’t forget about hug and kissing. You should remember to kiss your partner before going to sleep. It evokes positive emotions when you kiss your partner in bed. It is very confidently proved by the psychologist that hugging in falling asleep your relationship will never face any trouble. If any relationship has any issue with communication about hugging, kissing each other they will face feeling better between partners. It is unbelievable but true that a short time hug like ten seconds huge is more powerful than thousands of word exchange. Reducing stress it helps to make your health better. Not only before of sleeping hugging partner helps to relieve physical pain. You need to hug your partner for four times in the day to alive, eight times for to be healthy and mental satisfaction it should be for twelve times. Just try it and get the result.

Some Bonus Tricks

So, Now get some bonus tricks to make your happy relationship very strong and also your personal sites. If you have any sleeping disorder and having difficulty to sleep just change some lifestyle. Insomnia, sleeping disorder may be stopped if you use perfectly this lifestyle changing steps.:

Avoid coffee : Don’t take coffee after 3 or4 PM. ,

Wake Up Earlier : Try to wake up earlier in morning, It will help you to sleep earlier.

Best Bedding: Just try to have some good, comfortable bedding to sleep better, you may have to buy best expensive bedding. It will help you to sleep faster.

Passing Weekends: Don’t sleep too much on your weekends.

Avoid day sleeping: If you have any habit sleeping in the daytime, just avoid this.

Don’t use computer, mobile: Just keep away your electronics devices after 8 PM as best you can.

Drinking Water: Don’t drink too much water before going to sleep.

Fresh Air: Make sure your bedroom has good options to let fresh air into your bedroom.

Have a hot bath: You may have a hot bath before going to sleep, you will help you to sleep faster.

If you follow these recommendations every day in your life you will sleep like a baby. What is your feeling about your relationship, what are the implements that make your relationship so stronger? Feel free to share it with this community in the comment section below.

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Thank you.

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