A beautiful butterfly from a cocoon of ramadan

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The time machine is so fast spinning sometimes unaware we have been dambang the same door. It's like the new Shawwal yesterday passed. but the count of feelings can not be a paramerter of all actions. this year Rajab has been rolling and Shaban is approaching. Counting a few more days we will meet the noble guests. Ramadan.
A meeting with the least profit for both sides is that Ramdhan is not disappointed because we have tarnished his glory with immorality or futility so that we can take the blessings of Ramadan in several ways.

We need to get to know Ramadan closer. If we want to meet something we have to get to know him more closely. What he likes and dislikes, how his character is how much of his intelaktual content so we can adjust.

The month of Ramadan is a special guest and blessed month, the moon rahmad, and magfirah, the month of the shed worship. The blessing that exists in Ramadan is like a vast sea and there are beautiful pearls and beautiful marjans. Even if we are able to dive only limited to the tip of the needle from the vastness of the ocean.
From Salman Al Farishi RA that Rasulullah SAW ever berkuthbah at the end of the month of sha'ban. The Apostle said O People have come to you the glorious month, the blessed month in which there is a better night than there are a thousand months. Allah makes fasting obligatory and Qiyamul lail is sunnah. Who does it then he is like carrying out 70 obligations in another month.
Ramadan is the month of patience and patience the bill is heaven. Whoever feeds the fasting, his prayers will be forgiven and freed from hell and gain fahala like a fasting man without any reckoning. We say O Messenger of God not all of us can do it. The apostle replied that Allah rewarded the man who gave the pasa although only a date or a sip of water.
Ramadan is the month where it was originally a grace, in the middle of a magfirah and ultimately a liberation from the fires of hell.
then perbanyaklah do 4 things, two things that make Allah happy and the other two is God does not need with him. Those two things are Shaadah Laaillallah and beristigfar as for two things that God Himself does not need to him is you ask heaven and take refuge from hell.
But before Ramadan comes the necessity of preparation fikriah, physical and mental. Fikriah is a preparation related to the knowledge of rukun, syara, which can break the fast or fasting fast and others like itikaf, tharawih.

The physical preparation is to maintain health, because after all physically mempengauhi qualitance and the quantity of worship to Allah SWT.

therefore in the month of rajab and sya'ban the Apostle taught a good method to mengangarungi Ramadan with fasting unnah Rajab and Sha'ban as an exercise to keep physically fit during Ramadan. Is not it before all we need to practice?

Mental preparation is the assumption in the heart that fasting is a good not a frightening specter to live, positive thingking with fasting, many of us are worried about the fast that is lived because a little bit tiring activity makes not the spirit of fasting. Good mentality will give birth to the notion that fasting is healthy, educating.
The achievements born of perfect Ramadan is the increase of worship in the next month and the emergence of the spirit of doing good in the framework of morality because in the fast we are taught to keep the eyes from seeing the forbidden either real or virtual world, then keep the oral from naminah and ghibah.

Then from there will be born eyes that always look good, even if that to something beautiful then the heart of the tadabbur then fasting oral birth that said good if not, then the oral will choose to be silent.
At the end of the pen invites friends to see the life phase of a butterfly. Starting from the apparently unattractive worm turned into a beautiful butterfly. But before the butterflies undergo a phase of 'fasting' in the cocoon, if successful then he will become a butterfly and vice versa if he will become garbage because the phase of fasting fails. Thus his fasting becomes a shield for those who live and keep it.



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