Shortcut to Being a Decent Human Being

in life •  10 months ago

Ladies and Gents, please don't be so quick to write off somebody's newbie question as them being "too lazy to Google". There is a such thing as being so new and/or so utterly lost on a topic that you don't know what to google. We were all newbies to some topic before, be that ray of light that you wish you had.

And PLEASE if you are the type of person to tell someone, "Go Google" do not then get mad at someone for believing un-reputable sources. You never know, it might have been someone like you saying "go Google" that caused that person to blindly submerse themselves in the first site that made sense. Convincing yourself something is true with no prior knowledge to prove you otherwise is pretty easy. Google is a large place, most people don't mean to be mislead (I hope).

Food for thought, at least nibble if you don't have an appetite..

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I'm one of those people that would rather ask someone a question than Google it. Having a conversation about the question at hand helps me learn and retain information better than if I had "just Googled it". Talking to a fellow human-being beats Googling information any day.


I 100% agree with you! Its more personal and you can ask follow up questions. Its crazy that google is 20 years old, so I've been getting that answer pretty much all my life


Exactly, the follow up questions really help. Not to mention that we as humans are going to prioritize what's most important on any given topic. When talking with someone about physics, for example, they can easily tell me where to start, what to avoid, what information will be over my head, and so on. Google won't be able to judge my current understanding of a topic and my reading level to best help me out.