Some Pictures From The Passing Week

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Our lives are really busy lately and it seems that Steemit is falling by the wayside by nessesity. Since I want to keep posting at least one post a week I thought I would share some pictures I took over the past week.

Most of these pictures were taken from my car window while heading somewhere.

Here's a picture of the morning sun bursting from the clouds. Taken at the begining of my hour long drive to work.


I took the following picture in the mouantains near Jerusalem, visiting a friend. I liked how the cloud is so low it almost envelops the houses on the hill.


This is one of the lemon trees under our appartment (there are three that we know of). I'm sure if I had a decent sense of smell the flowers would be very fragrant. As it is, we use the lemons for salad and an almost sinfully delicious cake my wife makes.


This thorny tree is next to my work parking lot. You can guess at the mood it sets as soon as I get to work to start my day.


On a completely different matter, for those following - I asked my boss for a talk but got no response. I sent a message and found out he's abroad and won't be back until the end of the month.

I talked it over with the person offering me the job and they said not to worry. At worst we'll make it work on a project/hourly basis.

We are getting to that stage in my class of starting to build our first applocation (Full Stack Web Developer Course).

That means that over the following months I'll (probably) have a full time job, school work and project, freelance design work on branding one (or more) companies and anything else that life decides to throw at us.

Sounds busy. Hope I can make it work.

I'll try to make lemon cake out of all these lemons :)

Have a great week and finding new cake recipes for life's lemons.


Great little insights in your day :-) Love the lemon tree, they don't just grow over here, although before I decided to travel for months I had one in my home - a smaller one ;-)

Hope you'll figure out a balance in all those activities! Sounds like a lot! I'm happy to get an offer to work for some Fiat money maybe starting next month, it's needed after a year of 'crypto only' (and no bull run to cash anything out ;-))

Lots of luck with the new job dear. We're rooting for you. And I hope we'll find balance as well.

Hey those lemons look beautiful actually!

And super cool ray of light in the clouds! Hopefully it will lead to the full time job AKA pot of gold ;)

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