The Sexual Pleasure In Pain - The Art Of S/m (BDSM)

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The Hand Of A Dominant

Over the years many have viewed BDSM as taboo with only a few dipping their toes into the world of pleasurable pain, many do not understand what we do, many view this as a sexual land of mystery not to be explored unless you have totally lost your marbles.

Little do people know that what a Dominant does go's allot deeper than they could ever imagine, we take a submissive and play the sweetest of tunes, almost as one playing a violin, we mold and shape using our skilled hands while all the time applying our heightened sense of empathy which allows us to know how the submissive is feeling or how they will react, taking them further along the way towards "sexual enlightenment" or simply giving them a rousing good orgasm, the idea is to leave one's submissive in a better, more satisfied state than one found him or her.

The Scene

The idea of a scene (a sexual session) is for a Dominant to weld themselves so closely to their partner that his or her climax becomes the Dominants climax, this is one explanation of what we call the power exchange, It is also the reason that so many of us feel the sharp focus of illumination as we come away from a successful scene.

So, what we are after in this exceptional act of passion and cruelty we call a scene is that sense of oneness, that powerful transcendent experience that very few know, The physical and mental discipline the Art of S/m required to be successful means that the "suchness" we experience in our sex lives is more intense, more long lasting than the experience of vanilla sex, It attaches us to the world of sensation rather than to the more ephemeral world of mythology.

The Relationship

The relationship between Dominant and submissive goes far beyond the reach of marriage or any other relationship status, there are levels of trust that are established which transcend trust as most people know it, we become one in every sense of the word, bonded together by road we travel as we dance the waves of trust, pleasure and pain where a Dominant always keeps his submissive safe, protected, comforted, secure and loved.

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Nice post, but try to explain how it's works from brain and body mechanism!

thank you smailer in future posts I will definitely go in more depth on that :)

Intresting ..

Thank you !

I saw a version of Japanese BDSM on videos. The Japanese are masters of this BDSM thing.

Yes they are very good with it, thing is BDSM is active in all communities around the world :)

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