Life Hack - How to Stay Awake When You Really Need To !

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If you are a workaholic like me days and nights can get pretty long, I often think of sticking matchsticks or toothpicks between my eyes to keep them open but that definitely will not work lol so here are some life hacks that help me stay awake and I really hope they will help you also.

Go For A Walk Studies have shown that a 15 - 20 minute walk can actually boost your energy levels...ok this is not one of my favourites but it does work I certainly wont be doing it at 2am in the morning though.

Wonders Of Music This has to be one of my favourites, music helps keep you awake and it has been proven to increase your concentration levels, is not that amazing ? better that a walk 2am in the morning lol.

The Magic Eyes Trick Walk to a window or focus on a object at a reasonable distance every 20 minutes, this will waken those tired eyes, I enjoy standing at my window and looking as far off in the distance as possible.

Snacks Eat snacks through out the day instead of large meals that will make you feel drowsy, think of those big Sunday lunches, all you want to do afterward is nap.

Coffee Ok so everyone knows this one and yes it is another favourite of mine, do not have too much though as too much caffeine can actually have the reverse effect and make you even sleepier.

Start a Conversation If you’re fading fast, engaging in conversation can get your mind moving again, call a buddy or wake up the wife (added benefit she may slap you which also helps).

Drink Water This is an interesting one, did you know drinking a glass of good old water can prevent tiredness ?

Power Naps Having short naps through the day for about 30 minutes can actually improve your concentration and help you fight that fatigue, be sure to switch that alarm though.

Temple Massage This really works and is actually an ancient chinese method, massaging you temples for 3-4 minutes actually helps stimulating those tired brain cells.

New Method - Steemit HAHA ok I had to throw this one in there, but hey breaking away and doing something a little different like writing a post can actually get you back up to speed.

The Cold Shower So if all else fails then its time for the tried and true method of hopping in a cold shower for 2 minutes, that always does the drink!

Now If everything fails go to SLEEP your body needs it, I once hear that staying awake for longer than 15 hours actually causes one to exhibit the same effects as someone who is drunk and every hour after that it gets a little worse.

I hope you enjoyed this post, please do not forget to share a little love and upvote.

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Great tips! As a student and an amateur software developer, I do have days where I end up staying up very late for long hours on the computer.
~ Np

Great tips mrgrey. Perhaps the best thing to do is to get rid of mr sand man :)

LOL now that does sound like a good option

Please don't include the Yawn emoji next time! The post is great and tips help and everything but the yawn emoji kills it!
There are some people here trying to stay awake, you know.... hahahahaa...

great post I really enjoyed it, I am definitely going to try some toothpicks hurt !

Thank you biker

nice one mrgrey this will really come in handy

Thank you crazycow :) I am happy to know it helps :)

Thank you for these great tips, I am happy I decided to follow you mrgrey

Thank you for being a follower :)

Ahhhh this could help me in keeping me awake commenting steemit posts :)

lol @juvyjabian I am glad it will help you bud :)

ooh thank you these tips are just what I need, I have been up long hours lately

Only a pleasure, I know all about long hours, good luck

I have to admit I always have problems keeping my eye-lids open :/ Thanks for doing this! I'm new to steemit so far very cool!
edit: following you now.

well then welcome to steemit :) @girlsgonewild

Some good tips, hopefully the cold shower is the last resort at work lol!

whahaha yes absolutely the last resort.

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