Colored and three-D X-rays added to medical service

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Sadakalo X-day is over. Nowadays, colorful rotation rays can be seen in the field of medical science. Along with the three-dimensional X-ray patient can also take medical services. Some scientists of New Zealand's inventor.

According to a report in The New York Times, some researchers from Europe's Stern Physics lab have developed color and three-D X-ray technologies. Scientists have discovered this method with the help of particle tracking technology. This new invention has been added to the medical sciences with the help of the great Haadron Collider, a researcher of the Higgs-Boson particle.

Carney said that this color X-ray will provide more clear and perfect images. As a result, the diagnosis will be even more perfect.

Researchers say that in a new way, a new, more accurate and shiny retardation radius can be found in biological x-rays of medical science than the body's bone or muscle. It is better to diagnose diseases than this. Color and three-D X-ray play a breakthrough role in treating bone cancer.


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