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19-02-2018 was the day it happened at about 5:45 am....

It was a Monday morning, my sister left home about 10mins before me.
I left home for work and I still met her at the bus stop waiting for a bus, I told her to enter a private car that was going towards her way but she declined.

My ride came and I had to leave her at the bus stop, wished her a lovely day.
After about 10-15mins drive I tried contacting her to know if she finally got a ride, sent her a text message but I didn’t get any response.
Called her phone number but she didn’t pick.

**** Five Minutes Later*****

My phone rings, it was my sister calling

“Help me!!!! I don’t know where they are taking me to, please I don’t want to die” she was crying as she said these words when I picked up her phone call.
Apparently, she entered a wrong bus often called “One Chance” with about seven guys in the bus.

“Send N200,000 now or you won’t see your sister again”
That was what I heard next on the phone, it was the voice of one of the abductors.
I told the driver to the car that I was in to park that I want to come down
Jumped out of the vehicle sha and I sha made it back home

They kept on calling while I was on my way home that I should send the money and that I was wasting time but I told them to chill till I got home

When I got home my folks were already freaking out and were already praying so I joined them in prayer and about 30mins later a strange number called my phone

“Hope you didn’t send any money “

It was my sister asking me over the phone, she said they dropped her off at a very far location but the took her phone and atm card.

We went to pick her up where she was and went back home....

The following day I heard it also happened to another lady and she was beaten to the extent that she could not talk and she was admitted into a hospital..

This is just a summary on how God saved my sister from the hands of one chance operators..

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