Snow Walk

in #life3 years ago

We were born, raised, taught a lot of things to prepare us for life but truth is when you are grown the reality you realize will simply re-educate you. Born ready? i don't believe learn as you grow.

I see life as walking on ice, like your wearing the shoes or whatever and walking carefully trying not to fall and oops! you slip and down you go.

Some stand and try to get a grip and try to employ other techniques of walking while some almost never get up because they probably broke something in the fall, they drag on the floor for sometime and get up eventually, some laugh and get up and keep going while some end up hating coming out when its snowing because they are scared to fall..

lesson - no matter how careful you walk this life..we still slip and fall.The greatest lesson is not to fear the walk but walk the fear till you ride the fear.