Meaning of Life??? A New Way to Ask Questions

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Please read this post as the second part of my previous post MIND. Before having a discussion about anything in life, first we need to figure out what is the life itself. I said "humanity is in search" before and the search of the meaning of life has been the biggest one throughout the history.

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What I mean by "MEANING"

Of course meaning itself is a relative concept. That means one thing can mean many different things to other people. And many people have already found their own answers to this fundamental question. But personal thoughts weren't enough for me, I wanted to figure out why am I alive, and more importantly why to keep myself alive? I want to discuss it through scientific facts without personal opinions based on beliefs.

Coming to an answer

Funny enough, when I think deep into this, I found that the answer that I've been searching for has already given by a man named Charles Robert Darwin. I said funny because although I knew his studies on evolution and natural selection I couldn't see the answers in them. I could finally give the answer: "Meaning of the life is to live for it's own sake". Probably you will say "WTF all these entrance to this answer?" Keep reading I will explain. Some people think all these things mean nothing. We're not even dot in the universe. We survive, reproduce and finally(some disagree) die. Why even bother? Well, I've been there my friend. Let me put this imaginary dialog for those people.

M: Meaning of the life is to live for it's own sake.
Y: It sounds bullshit. If thats all why to even live? Why not to kill myself here right now?
M: Thats perfectly fine. Chances are the people that chose to keep live and reproduce will have their genes in the future generations. Maybe some other people thought the same as you and it was the end of their generation. Only the ones that behave the right way to survive and reproduce could carry their genes successfuly today.

You can think it to figure out why we do what we do for many things like love, jelousy, greed etc... Simply people just live and chase the power their entire life, in order to survive and reproduce because they just inherited the genes that make them behave that way from their successful ancestors.



There we left with a good question, if we're the children of the successful ones, why so many people find life meaningless today? Actually this is why I wrote about the mind before this post. Mind works with reasoning. If you touch something and then you get hurt, it avoids to touching it again by reasoning those two different events. It wants to reason everything. As soon as we have the awareness of our own life concept, mind started to reason it too. This need of reason created religions, spiritual beliefs and all. It is just much more harder to find a divine reason for our lifes with todays scientific information. But why do we need such a divine meaning into our life if we're such insignificant dots. Let ourselves be the dots, define our own meanings to our lifes and try to have some fun in the journey.

Ps: Despite my darwinist approach this is a very debateable concept. So I really want to read every single one of your comments on the post and your own opinions about the subject.

awareness is very difficult to practice.
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