10 scientific benefits of sport make you happier ..

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The benefits of exercise are not limited to health benefits, such as the risk of diabetes, heart attacks or obesity, but also psychological benefits, including stress relief and happiness.

  • Improve sleep
    Regular exercise helps improve your sleep, according to a study. Regular exercise improves the quality of sleep, both for those with sleep problems, according to a scientific study dating back to 2012 or those who do not, according to a scientific study dating back to 2012. .

As for the most appropriate timing for exercise, a 2011 study, which examines the relationship between the timing of exercise and exercise and sleep, showed that those who exercised in the afternoon slept better than those who exercised it in the morning, while another study found no difference Marked by sleep with different timing of exercise, all participants benefited from the exercise of sleep in a similar manner.

  • Development of creativity
    Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social networking site Facebook, is one of the most important entrepreneurs who believe in the importance of sports, walking and moving throughout the day, and the benefits of exercise. In 2015 Mark A half-mile loop on the roof of Facebook headquarters in California, so employees can organize meetings as they walk.

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, have known some meetings while walking to get some creative ideas, which is scientifically grounded. Stanford University conducted a study dating back to 2014, comparing the role of sitting versus walking in improving creativity.

The study was conducted on 176 students who were tested for creative thinking, measuring the level of creativity while walking versus sitting. The study revealed that the creative director of walking was an average of 60% better than sitting.

  • Greater focus
    A simple exercise can make the difference and increase concentration. According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, exercising 10 to 40 minutes of exercise increases concentration and attention, and suggests that a quick walk will have great benefits for concentration and productivity And public health.

In a book by Dr. John Ratti, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, on the effect of exercise on the mind, Ratti said that exercise and exercise help increase concentration two or three hours after completion.

  • Feeling happy
    In a study by Shawn Ashur, in his book The Happiness Advantage, three groups of patients were treated for depression, the first through medication alone, the second was treated with a combination of medicine and exercise together, and the third through exercise only, and showed The groups improved similar to the beginning in their level of happiness, but over time the relapse rates varied considerably.

After six months, experience showed that 38% of the first group reversed and returned to depression again, and the rate of depression of the second group to 31%, while the third group, which relied on the exercise only, made a significant difference; the rate of relapse did not exceed Where 9%, which shows the impact of sport in the great sense of happiness and face depression.

  • Relieve stress
    A study of Harvard University dating back to 2011 revealed that movement, exercise and exercise all help to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. It stimulates endorphins that help relieve stress and improve mood in general. Another study dating back to 2012 revealed that exercise helps people get rid of stress and stress.

  • More calm
    Exercise, even for short periods of time, such as 10 minutes, is one way to improve self-control. Scientific studies show that the duration of exercise improves blood flow, which in turn brings oxygen to the frontal cortex.

The cortex is responsible for the higher levels of the mind, such as taking actions that enable you to control yourself to achieve your goals. The cortex also controls attention, emotional responses, behavior, assessment and judgment. Feel calm, making you more assertive in your motives.

  • Enjoy work
    Try to devote part of your time daily or weekly to exercise and exercise you prefer, as reflected positively on the level of happiness in the work, which stimulates the performance, and in this regard conducted by Benjamin Wenge, and Darko Jjok, researchers in psychology study last year, revealed that people Who enjoy their work more regularly to exercise, han people who do not enjoy their work.

  • Coping with diabetes
    In addition to the psychological benefits that are indirectly reflected in physical health, there are many direct health benefits of exercise. Sports helps to cope with chronic diabetes. Exercise helps insulin work better in the body, making diabetics benefit from the maximum amount of insulin available. In the blood, physical activity also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Avoid heart attack
    There is a relationship between the risk of heart attack, increase the rate of burning energy produced by physical activity and exercise, and this relationship is reversed, the less physical activity increased the risk of heart attack, and vice versa.

The trend is supported by a Harvard-based study dating back to 1978 that found that men with less than 2,000 calories per week were more likely to have a 64 percent heart attack than their colleagues with a higher energy burn rate.

  • Confronting obesity
    Obesity is one of the most common problems for millions of people around the world. It affects public health and can lead to various diseases. One of the most famous features of sports is its ability to cope with obesity. Exercise in sports burns calories and fats, The risk of obesity and the health risks it may entail. In addition to the health benefits of sport in this regard, it also improves the appearance of your body and makes it more fit.



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