Remind Your Self to Love

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“It is always a pleasure to write what’s in my heart” -morken

Good day everyone! Welcome to my blog. Thank you for staying even if I am struggling to be consistent in blogging.

Today, I am here just to remind all of you “to love”!

How are you? or should I ask, How was your heart? Have you been into heart ache or rejections lately? Did your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you? or didn’t you receive the love that you think you deserve? Isn’t it so painful?

Until the situation is eating you up already. You found your self lost and broken and you think that you are totally trapped in a caged of disgust and heart aches. And one day, you are missing your self already. The old you that was so happy come what may, the old you that was so positive with all the adversaries, the old you that is full of love.

I know that the struggle is totally difficult. But you know what? YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL!

“Remind Your Self to LOVE”

• You love

Always remember that true love is giving your best love to someone without expecting something in return. It is not important on how he reciprocated that love: the most important thing is, YOU LOVE!

It is not true love if you are just wanting to be loved back. It is not true love if you keep on looking for reasons why you are in love. You love because “you love”! That is you! A precious person who gives love because you are full of it in your heart.

• You are loved

Sometimes, we dwell much on things that we can’t have rather appreciate things that we already have.

You are loved first and foremost by God, by your family, and by your friends.

I believe that it is our human nature to seek for “romantic love”, a love that can satisfy our need of affection from our so called “better half”. However, if this time is not yet “the right time” I believe that there is a best time “in His clock”. Trust and believe. It shall be given.

Right now, if you’re “the one” has not yet arrived just enjoy the moment of being loved by God, by your family and friends unconditionally. Look at them right now and talk to them, surely, they miss you so much!

• You can still love

Painful! A word that will describe what you are feeling right now whatever adversaries in a relationship you are facing in. However, I believe that you can still and able to love!

You are human and you are full of love. This moment may not be your perfect TIME to say you are healed but I believe that you will find peace, joy, love, and healing in His TIME. “Time can’t heal wounds but God can heal wounds in His time”.

I am even excited to see you becoming happy the next time you love. My friend, you can still love!

• Yourself deserves to be loved by your self

You have been seeking and giving your love but maybe you have forgotten that “yourself needs your self.”

Take time to talk to your self more often so that you may be able to appreciate your own uniqueness. I want you to know that your self is lovable because God has made you lovable. Fill your self with love again so that you may be able give love to many people unconditionally, again.

PS: This article is made with love! It is written directly in this blog without a draft. I apologize if there are grammar and spelling mistakes. I hope that through this, you are reminded to love!


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