Not a bad way to wake up.

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I returned to my office yesterday after a week of illness. Even before I got there I knew I wasn't quite right. I began my day as normal, up, shower, breakfast, say goodbye to the kiddies, then off to work. I dropped Mrs Moon off at her office and made my way to my own. After about a half an hour I know I wasn't really well. I tried my best to suck it up and just get through the day. I read through my 100 odd emails and set about tidying up the mountain of tickets that sat in my queue. I had the usual new year greetings from Co workers and everyone said "you look like shit" or words to that effect. After that I went to my GM for a catch up, my own desk is only a short walk from his office yet by the time I got there is was out of breath. I stood there the room spinning. He quickly saw I was not right and insisted on me going to the doctors if not the hospital ASAP.

I made it to the doctors, but my parking spot resulted in maybe a 100 meter walk. By the time I got to the Dr's office I was completely exhausted, hyperventilating, dissy, tingling lips and hands. As I sat waiting for the Dr I tried to compose myself, slowed my breath and composed myself. After about 10 minutes waiting I was called in to see the Dr. Again a short walk, maybe 15 steps to his office and I was out of breath again. My face was numb at this point, hands cramping into a distorted mess. My heart racing and my breathing shallow and rapid. They suspected pneumonia! But after some examination this was ruled out, he told me to go the the hospital straight away. But we are in the middle of an influenza outbreak and the hospital is overrun with people who should be at home in their beds not spreading the virus even more so I was hesitant to go but he needed to have an xray to verify it wasn't pneumonia.

Sevral hours and multiple tests across my heart, lungs and blood they came to the conclusion that I have an infection in my lungs, thankfully not pneumonia! So it's more rest, antibiotics and more time off work which I can ill afford. I will however use the time in my bed to complete the assignment for a new company a pre interview assignment no less.

I am now on page 4 of the report that I am compiling on a security breach, noting the vulnerability, threat, risks and defensive measures that should have been put in place to prevent the breach as well as compiling a diagram with the attack in step by step process.

Moral of the story? Well, there are 2.

1st is to take care of yourself and don't avoid going to the Dr. You have 1 body and mind, take care of it dummy!

2nd is when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Progress, even when you're in the gutter!

Oh and the view, reminds me to take a minute to enjoy the little things because it is these little things that add up to life in all its glory.


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