Grandchildren and Fireflies

in #life7 years ago

Last evening, I sat on the back porch and watched my 3-yr-old granddaughter run in the yard chasing fireflies.

At that moment, all that mattered to me was watching her and the fireflies.

I realized that IS all that matters; only grandchildren and fireflies.

I must protect them both: humanity and ecology; grandchildren and fireflies.

I must protect life and the best of life to the best of my ability: protect grandchildren and fireflies.

I hope to find the time and ability to write a book about my journey with VIVA, for I believe VIVA is the means to help fulfill this obligation - and as you see I have already chosen a title for this book.


Note: although this is not a picture of my back yard, it is very close, and very close to what my granddaughter and I had the pleasure of experiencing during this magical time together.


As you I believe in Viva and I look forward to seeing the developments.

I know VIVA has been keeping you busy lately, so I'm glad you got to spend time with the little one. I bet she had lots of fun with the fireflies! VIVA on, Steem on!

Lately, I feel like I've abandoned you! I haven't, I promise. True, I'be been very busy with VIVA, but VIVA is not all to blame; life has been throwing it's own curve balls. My daughter's new job, parents, and the regular stuff have kept me not just busy, but exhausted - which as you know sometimes doesn't take much.

We'll catch up soon. Looking forward to it as always. Whenever circumstances and time permits!

Wonderful post, thanks for sharing :)

That definitely sounds like a cherished moment. Maybe one day I'll have grandchildren and they will be the light of my life. It's been a long time since I've seen fireflies. In my youth our property would sparkle with their glow.

Very nice. Grandkids sure add a nice dimension to raising kids. :)

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