Universal Truths and Human Rights. A human invention?

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Are there any universal truths? Is anything inherently good or bad?

Is killing another person inherently evil or has society overwhelmingly agreed that this is the case and we all have come to accept and enforce it? I think our morals are purely subjective, they tend to make sense in the society we inhabit but may no be applicable 10,000 years in the past or 10,000 years in the future.

I think basically all of our social values are culturally enforced. We could have been born in an entirely different society where slaying enemies of the tribe is considered virtuous and heroic. A society where not all people are considered equal, where based upon your birth you're assigned a duty within that society.

The United Nations has a Universal Declartion of Human Rights which contains 30 different points, almost all of which can be seen breached by numerous nations around the world. Even many first world countries fail to align with all of these points. The War on Drugs and the American prison system are largely ignored breaches of the UN declared Universal Human Rights.

So whats the purpose of this document when it is so idealistic and even first world countries fail to achieve?

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