Morning Primer - Daily Quote #6 - The past, the future and our responsibility to our children.

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"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children"

This one brings forth two feelings in me simulatenously. Annoyance at our forebearers for their short sightedness and guilt that I feel for not doing everything I can to make the world a better place for the future generations. I suppose all our forebearers aren't equally responsible for the catastrophic climate change besetting the Earth.

Some were mere pawns in the game whilst others knowingly profitted from the excessive consumption and destruction of our natural resources. Unfortunately everyone, including us, all took a part in the industrialisation and mass consumption of uncessary goods unknowningly borrowing too severely from our children. I feel we've gone too far, the damage is irreversable unless new technologies can solve the problem that is catastrophic climate change. Drastic measures are required to reverse the damage done, but people seem unwilling to demand these drastic measures when everyone around them is ignoring the problem or pretending it is a work of fiction like Trump.

Typical interventions like reducing emmisions and recyling more isn't going to reverse what's been done. Sustainable progress had to be the mindset from the beginning. Instead the mindset was purely present focused, maximising yearly profits, defeating our enemies and displaying our wealth through the collection of unnecesarry goods.


Our ancestors, like it or not, borrowed from our future. A future that would be far different had they considered the long term impact of their actions. They did so through the production and consumption of goods, the involvement in unneccesary wars, in the pursuit of profits and hedonistic pleasures. Can our generation learn from the mistakes of our forefathers? Are we destined to repeat the same mistakes?



One of my issues with politics is how short sighted they are required to be. Politicians go through terms, they need approval ratings to be highest at the end of their term so they can get re-elected. This destroys any desire for politicians to invest in long term projects, projects which won't pay off in their next term, or the one after that. Projects which would benefit their constituents and the nation greatly, long term projects which change the world. There is no incentive to invest in the future, instead they choose to borrow from future generations to boost their approval ratings.

In Australia our ancestors borrowed from their children's future when they invested heavily in the housing market. Foreign investment and investment from the baby boomers has driven the housing prices so high than in order to live within 1 hour of the major city you need to put down a measly $1,000,000. And that won't get you anything nice, maybe a 2 bedroom unit.

We'll never be able to afford a house because of the price... Of Avocados. #teamaustralia

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