Morning Primer - Daily Quote #5 - Meet Meat Body, Your Vessel For This Life

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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." ― Jim Rohn

This quote is so obvious but I like to think about it for a moment. Chances are in the past few days I've done innumerable things which are detrimental to my body. I've probably eaten chocolate or ice cream (my favourite snacks), drank too much coffee, jerked off too often and not taken great care of my self. Reading this quote makes me realise how much more I should be doing. That's the problem there are just so many things I should be doing, we all should be doing, each day to take care of our body.

Our body is a temple, not one that already exists but one that is slowly constructed over our years on this planet. Brick by brick, day by day we slowly build our bodily temple. Eat the right things, exercise regularly, have good social interactions and get plenty of sleep and you've lined all your bricks up perfectly. Have a few too many drinks, eat a bunch of sugar and fat and never exercise and you'll have sloppily thrown together the bricks to build the wall of your temple. If you continue building upon these flawed foundational bricks and the whole thing may come crashing down, injury or illness afflict those who forget to build their temple.

Invest now in building the best body temple you can as it will carry you through this Earthly plane of existence until it can no longer.

I live far from the perfect healthy life but each day I try to get a little better than the day before. And when I do have bad days I hope that my upward momentum toward health and longevity carry me through the downward forces.


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