Morning Primer Daily Quote #1. Morning Primer Introduction

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Morning Routines to Win the Day

I never had a morning routine but after listening to Tim Ferriss and other podcasters I decided to structure my morning. I created what I thought would be a good morning routine, documented the protocol and followed it for 5 days of the week, each Sunday I reflect on my notes and revise my morning routine, changing any activities and supplements to suit my needs.

I follow the same morning routine 5 days a week to get an average feel for how well this morning routine might serve me. I plan on experimenting with vastly different routines but one things that will always stay the same is my morning primer. Let me know what works for you.

Morning Primer

The idea of mental priming came to me after reading psychology studies where they'll prime participants to think a certain way, I thought why not create a document to prime myself for motivation and success, reminding myself of my goals, my TODOs and my beliefs. I recently discovered Tony Robbins has a similar approach to training the brain for success.

Every morning I spend 15 minutes going over my primer. Its a document I keep that I read every morning to remind myself what I need to achieve and to motivate myself to do so. The document consists of several different sections, some of which remain permanently and are the same every day such as my ethos and personal beliefs sections. Other parts such as my Today's TODO , Motivational Video and Daily Quote all change and are automatically generated through a python script that runs at midnight, preparing my morning primer document for when I wake up.

I'd like to share my Daily Quotes and possibly other aspects of my morning primer with Steemit.

"Don't use your past as an excuse to ruin your future"

I like to think that each day we wake up we have a chance to reinvent ourselves, to put all our old habits and ways of being away and start fresh. It's not an easy thing to do, to change yourself, but I feel it's important to notice the enticing pull of existing thought patterns and question whether they add any worth to my pursuits. The things you've done in the past shouldn't inhibit your future self, don't get stuck in negative cycles.

Now to enjoy my coffee


Hey, nice post! I've followed you because I'm keen to see your future posts :D Maybe you could follow me back and help me out?

Too many people get stuck in the past without even realising it affects them in a negative way. Great post !

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