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The woman in times back had certain limitations within society, was the weak sex, many times were victims of abuse and humiliation in a world where mostly has been driven by man and that some was formed by groups of macho men who controlled and to a certain extent to extort the female sex towards unequal treatment.

Every time there were more women who showed the world that they could achieve goals and challenges as women, I inspire many common women to do and ambition goals and challenges that they thought impossible because they were "weak sex", and this led to a great revolution and a movement that today we know "feminism", which in a certain way achieved many things promoting equality and human rights in favor of women, demonstrating to the whole world especially men that women can achieve things for themselves and achieve respect we deserve.

However, in the last few years and decades since the momentum of this movement that I consider today has reached an extreme and inequitable inequality for both men and women, and that this revolution has already led to a generation a perspetive of the erroneous life and very cruel and very deviant to the main purpose that this movement is active, I consider that "THE WOMAN SHOULD NOT BE COMPARED WITH A MAN".

No woman is the reason that is should never compare with a man, much less act in a negative way as men are usually. Not all jobs can be done by a lady, many jobs require a gentleman to make physical efforts or many more complex jobs that most women are willing to accept or perform.

I want to add that the behaviors of women should never be equal to man. The personality that characterizes the great part of men and that most women know, men are "conquerors" by nature, we often say infidels, liars, cowards, deceivers, opportunists, unfortunately they are usually like that, I do not want generalize as many men as women we have even people who do not share these behaviors. Where I want to emphasize is that women for no reason should adopt this behavior, or fall in that low way because we are women and the reputation of a woman is a treasure to value.

The woman of today, is adopting more and more this behavior to be unfaithful, deceitful, deceive, manipulate, control, extort, only seeking their own benefit or simply seeking revenge in such a vile and low manner regardless of their reputation, making decisions without take the responsibilities of it, calculating each action to have power and play your favor, which entails this type of action ... ?, a divided society, a society without fundamental values, the destruction of many families and intolerance and social incompression without any understanding or respect towards others.


Let's reflect and look for true and sincere love, basing God on our lives and do not allow the matrix to catch them and be exclavos of it both in everyday life and in spirit.


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