Why is it so difficult to find a job on the Internet?

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In our progressive time telework is no surprise. Freelance striding leaps and bounds. More and more people learn about working remotely via the Internet. Every twentieth employee - a freelancer. There are even entire firms where employees have not seen each other in person.

But before every job seekers on the Internet, sooner or later there is a problem in finding an employer, or as it is called customer (call it what you want). So why there is this problem? For myself, I have identified two main reasons:

• An employee can not find a job because he did not know where to look. In this case, it is simply not enough informed customers find locations. It is, in principle, easy to fix, but this will be discussed further.

• The worker knows where to look, but he was not satisfied with such options. This is an option interesting. Ie, in a freelancer there are some options, but they do not suit you. And the reasons are usually two: the amount of work and the price.

It is so to say the root causes of the problem of finding an employer. And why it is difficult to find a job (in this article, the word "work", I mean a decent job, not some kind) on the Internet? When I first started its activities on the Internet, it is also one of the first questions put to themselves this question. Then I answer for myself, I thought something like this: "Well, there's no decent employer, and if they got normal, it is unlikely that I .." and so on in the same vein. I do not think my case is exceptional, and everyone reading this article encountered such phenomena. But since then, as time passed, and it was kind of understood that my income depends not only on the employer (its presence or absence), and more from me. Therefore, in answer to the question the article, I found such reasons (who can add, I only). So there you go:

Laziness. Sam noticed how much time for themselves, as happens vpadlu sit down to write code or article. In this case, a freelancer (if it can be so called) knows about the phenomenon of freelancing, but nothing, as a rule, for it does not. Such people are now very much.

Lack of skills. The worker knows where to look for a job, looking for her, but, as a rule, the skills for the job is not much greater than zero. I personally have a lot of friends "Rabotnicki". They can only write articles (generally not very high quality), but always resent that, "they say, and so there is no work," or "pay a little," and so on. Indeed, in a freelance environment it operates a simple rule: "the more the better, and you know how, the more you get" (this is of course, if a freelancer can adequately "sell yourself"). Although this law applies in real life, but with some variations. Again: stupid, knowing how to best write an article, and then do it poorly, count spade "rowing loot." You know how to write articles? Expand your horizons! Cultivating narrative style! You do not know how to create websites? Learn PHP, or another programming language! Yes, it is also possible to make money! I think you misunderstood me

Job Search "where all". This usually leads to wage "the same as everyone." Where are freelancers looking for work? I think I will answer 98% "on the stock exchanges of freelancing!". By themselves, the exchange of freelancing is not a bad thing, and renounce them immediately, I would not recommend it. But just need to keep in mind that looking "like everybody else", then it is likely to receive "all." But this rule does not apply to highly qualified specialists, because, as a rule, they are not looking for work, and the work of their

Ignorance of its price. This is a very common phenomenon. It usually meets at beginners, although there are different cases. Here, just a person working in a literal sense "for pennies" (such as 0.3 dollars per thousand characters copyright). Why do they do that? I think because of low self-esteem in real life. People in this category I would advise a little to raise the bar for their own self-esteem and look for a job сheaper. It's the same market! Without the ability to act as well say "sell" (good present) expect a more or less serious money nothing! Although if your goal - to make a beer, then I do not understand why it was even read this article ??

Reluctance to develop. This is certainly the biggest problem. Originally, I wanted to describe the problem in "lazy", but then I realized that this is not entirely correct. Laziness - it is more reluctance to do anything at all, as regards the reluctance to develop a sphere of personal development. So why is the biggest problem? The point is that the labor market for a long time already is not something fixed and static. Therefore, to make money you need to constantly and continually develop, not only in their field, but also to develop their horizons, to learn more, "untilled land".

These were the main reasons due to which it is difficult to find a job online. As you can see, here I have touched on aspects that relate to the employee. I did it without reason, since it is always easier to blame the responsibility for their financial situation to someone, but not for themselves. Therefore, I believe that you must first understand the (second) in itself, and then switches to the other. This does not mean that the problem is only in you that employers are all good, but you do not really. I described, only one side of the coin, there is the reverse, but that is a topic for another article.

This list is not something final, so I am very happy to hear your opinions in the discussion.


As a result, I only begs repeating quotes an epigraph, but little in another formulation: "When looking for the culprit problem, start your search on yourself, so it will be easier to find the culprits." It is necessary to add only one thing: to develop and never stop! Thank you!nly begs repeating quotes an epigraph, but little in another formulation: "When looking for the culprit problem, start your search on yourself, so it will be easier to find the culprits." It is necessary to add only one thing: to develop and never stop! Thank you!

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