Is any body there...........

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I have been away for a while but fully aware of what is happening on Steemit. Life has its challenges and we just adapt to changes and continue. As a result, I am here writing this post. I have to wonder though - with all the changes whether anyone will see this post and/or react to it.

So much is going on in the world at the moment - being online can be an escape but it can also be a burden. One gets bombarded with so much information it becomes hard to decipher what is real versus what is fake - what is truth or pure falsehood. Despite that we must go on.

Keeping a level head and our sensibilities is a must - even if things seems as though they are falling apart. I am not saying it will but sometimes it does seem that way. We cannot control some things but we can control ourselves and our thoughts.

Right now we are living in strange times. We are creating history and I wonder how this story will be told in years to come. At least we will most likely be there to tell our version.

I hope everyone is doing fine. Stay well everyone.

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