Teardrops of happiness the first flower i receive from my son

in life •  last year

Good evening wonderful steemians.

Allow me to share to you a simple thing that gives so much joy to my heart. As i was browsing my galery on my mobile phone i saw this picture a wild flower a purple wild flower that grows in phillipines. My son gave me this flower when he was two years old he picks up this flower while he was playing and gave it to me. For me that was so touching even though its just a wild flower it is the thought that counts. My son was so sweet this was the first gift and first flower i receive from him. And i will treasure the happiness it brings to me.


Maybe some other would say what is so special in that flower? Well for me it was the most beautiful flower in the world. Why? Because my son gave it to me a two year old boy that time that wanted to give something he thinks special to her mom. And that is so loving and worth sharing. I am a proud mother here.

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