Can everybody be rich? give your reason. can everybody be poor? give your reason?

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As a matter of first importance, I don't see being rich as having more than others. I consider it as having solace, necessities, quality sustenance, clothing, shelter,however not necessarily in abundance.

Abundance to me could be a nuisance and can lessen our well-being. I additionally think that action that we in some cases call "work" is life enhancing itself....

A great numbers of people need to get things done, encounter things, they simply would prefer not to need to do them to the degree that they miss out on other different things and also experiences.

We have a lot of individuals on earth to fill our requirements for human work in a way that does not force on anybody. my concern is the point at which we don't really value what some people actually contribute enough and we value what some others do excessively...

Yet, at times it isn't that "we" value them excessively however that they value themselves excessively and on the grounds that what they have or what they do is a critical need they get more pay for it. Or then again it has been fixed where we have no power over what they get.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, regularly those people huge commitments to the general prosperity of the populace are neglected and underestimated.

This is an issue of observation that causes these disparities. Everybody ought to have the capacity to have a way of life that does not force pointless hardship and accommodates a situation that encourages the opportunity to feel content. This, I accept, is totally conceivable. With a change to esteeming quality items that can last an all-encompassing timeframe we would invest more energy making them maybe yet it would not be important to supplant them and dispose of into the landfill the past one.

More administrations add to the personal satisfaction also. Quality would go far in taking care of a large number of our issues. It is conceivable to make less waste. More relaxation time would upgrade our life with respect to kinship and family relations also.

Do we truly require so much rivalry? Wouldn't we be able to get more fulfillment from co-task and sympathy? I trust we can compliment each other with our gifts and capacities. Furthermore, that pay require not be status arranged. Neither does cash need to present status, as it truly has little to do with genuine worth of character.

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