In What Would You Invest Today When You Would Have 50.000USD?

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I remember​ a time ago a Steemian made a post talking about what he would do when he had 150.000 Dollars to invest. Or it was the question why he wouldn't buy a Ferrari something like that. It was​ funny to read peoples comments. :D What they had in mind. I would like to know what you would do if you would have 50.000 Dollars today? 50.000 $ free to invest. Honestly​,​ what would you do today?

Let me know in the comments section.​​ Be honest my friend :)

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Damn. That would be about 5M my currency.
In as much as it would be very tempting to travel to afew countries, cause you know, I live in the moment....I think I would most likely invest it in real estate. It's very thriving here and a solid investment.
Half of it I'd buy a Piece of Land in an upcoming estate,(yes, land is that affordable here), then the other half I'd use it to start buying build materials for some rental apartments...With that, I'd be somewhat not need to worry about basic needs for myself and fam, sounds great to my ears!

I also think I'd take abit to power up, say like $5000, then I can hustle my way on how to complete building my rental apartments. I have in mind about 30 partments, 2-3bedrooms, that mostly rent at an average of $350 monthly.. Do the Math ;)

It would take time to start seeing some ROI...But it's a lifetime investment which can even be passed down to family, ya dig?



Great plan! May I ask where are you from?
Wish you also a great Friday.


That would be Nigeria, landed property is the biggest achievements over a long period of time, even real estate too


I am From Nairobi, Kenya!!You know, Obama's Rooted Motherland :D


Oh yes, I know :)
That's​ great ^^

I like the word free but then I will be wise not to abuse it if 50,000usd was given to me.

1000usd in Nigeria is 350,000 naira in Nigeria which is very huge and 50,000 dollars would then be 17.5 million naira.

Here is a simple break down of what I will do with it

  • 20,000 will be invested into steem power
  • 10,000 will be invested into forex trading which I have learnt but currently limited by capital. With 10,000 in forex, in a week I can be making 1,000 to 1500 dollars with minimum risk
  • 5,000 will be used for my @steemminna charity works of helping the needy while other earning from my forex will be added to the steemminna initiative, so as to keep it running continually.
  • 10,000 will be given as steem power to the @steemminna account to help new members in upvotes so they wouldn't be frustrated out of steem
    *The remaining 5,000 will be used to open local businesses in my country so as to engage people who are not employed and as well as to be getting some profits from it.

I remember you mentioned forex trading a while ago. I hope that you will get to the needed capital. And of course of your project. I forgot it but good that you refreshed my memory.


Thank you so much sir. The @steemminna team looks forward to your support.

$50,000? I will definitely put up a business for my kids future and invest some in Bitcoin and Steem. 😉 How about you @modernpastor?


Do you already know what kind of business this would be?
For me, it is also a tough question. I would like to start a project on STEEM but have no time for that. My primary focus is my occupation. So I think it would be an investment which doesn't​ require much action from my site. For example more STEEM.


I am planning to build rental homes, it's a good business here with continuous income. Yes, I also believe that investing in Steem will be perfect and we know that Steem has a great potential in the future it just require a lot of patience. ;)

Fantastic question and something I was asked a few months ago on the blockchain as well.

The numbers were different but I think my answer would be the same...

More steem to power up and extra money to help the Kiva and Water Charity initiatives I’ve been donating / loaning to over the years.

I think I can help more folks with more steem power with upvotes, contests and giveaways.

but take a chunk of the 50k and put it into Kiva for sure. love entrepreneurship so that’s a natural fit for me.

awesome question tho sir. love thinking about ‘what if’s’. We dream and we can make it a reality!

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I was sure that your answer would be like that. You are a real believer in Steem, and I think powering up would be an excellent choice. For now and the future. You will be a big star.


appreciate that man. working hard at it and so grateful for the opportunity here!

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I would invest it into building my own Steem platform with SMT that rewards users for some kind of activity that is either beneficial for themselves or for others or better even both. You can use the Steem system to build basically any kind of application to generate money for everyone. Like my 1UP system where a total gamification automizes who gets the precious 1UPs while everyone makes profits everywhere. People will love these kinds of apps and farm them to make their living.


Currently,​ you are planning a lot right? :)
I can imagine that you will build something gigantic here. If I had the time I would also like to start a project.

Mmh, though question! But I think I would invest it in different kind of ways:

  • I would use 1/3 of it, to pay back an extra part of the mortgage
  • 1/3 would be invested into crypto's, thinks about BTC, NEO, EOS and STEEM. (Could make myself a dolphin then :))
  • But I don't know what I would do with the other 1/3. I was thinking about investing in the regular stock exchanges, but probably I won't do that because a collapse is getting closer and closer! Which would be good for the crypto currency because people would search for other things to invest in! So, I would set 1/3 away, which could be used to buy into the stock exchanges when the bears have entered the market there!



In stock, I would also not recommend right now. I also see this could be an opportunity for crypto. But is visible that you would have a solid plan :)


But you have to buy when the market is bleeding and the stock markets will bleed within a year, so it would be great to have some fiat cash available for when this happens!
Warren Buffet made most his profit with this strategy :)


Yes, that's​ true.
Do we have the new Warren Buffet ;)

I'd start up these businesses I've had in mind.....selling rice in bags,poultry farm and palm oil business then I'll buy lands for future use/resale.


Selling rice :) Sounds great.

First of all I would make a place for myself (a home for instance) the rest will be divided in investing plan.40% in Steem and 30% in other crypto and the rest for the back up I suppose :)

Well everything will come to a point once I have them.


A home where you would live in right? :)


Well yes that is for sure !

I will invest 30,000 dollars in passive earning crypto like steem to power-up , which will give me at least 27,000 steempower which I can delegate to bots and earn about 800 dollars passive earnings from my steempower.

I will then invest 10,000 dollars on landed properties (real estate) which I can rent out also to earn some passive money from, then the remaining 10,000 dollars I will invest it into my business to expand my business network


That's sound solid :)
You’re running an own business?
Would you like to tell more about that? :)

I see you’re a fan of passive income right ;)

A really good question.

I'd invest in Steem Power and EOS. I'd buy some bitcoins as well. I'd eliminate our small debt. Cash does not look too appealing now with Trump making disapproving noises about Fed raising interests. Central banks are increasingly buying not only sovereign but corporate bonds. Fiat money printing will seems to be gearing up. This means artificially inflated asset prices in the future. This is what zombie economy looks like. The market is becoming more and more politically controlled and propped up.


To strong currencies with a lot of potentials​. For sure a good choice.

If I had 50 dollars today, I'll invest it in a fish farming business. I'll breed the fishes from their seedlings to the adult stage and I'll sell them to get more capital for the next business year and a little profit for myself.


Cute idea :) and I have to say for me unexpected. So you have a passion for fishes right? :)

With 10.000$ I would buy Steem Power and with the rest I would definitely try to buy a house. I'm tired of paying rent. :D


Buying a house is often a good choice. But this would be for you? Would you​ live in there?

If I was just given an unexpected $50k? I think I might put it all into Steem, or rather my Steem dev projects. Two thirds of that would fully fund my user growth program @themespotamians, and I could use the other third to start the open loyalty program I'm working up in the background.

I think in the long run I can make money developing third-party user retention programs for Steem, which would be pretty awesome.


That sounds interesting. Could you tell me more about your projects or where can I find some information about that? :)


There's an overview of The Mesopotamians here. Basically it's an effort to gamify account growth through community leadership tasks, for a group of users who are strong community leaders or who I think have the potential to be, powered by my own voting. The goal is to eventually build a class of community-minded dolphins.

If anyone under 300 SP is reading this, we have open applications at that level at the moment.

The next thing I'm not really ready to talk about specifics yet, but it will have similar goals: reward users for performing actions that are positive for the community, like curation posts and engagement, along with a long-term loyalty component that rewards people for doing that consistently.


I can feel the spirit, ​my friend :)
That is great. This is the rise of STEEMpreneurs.

I am excited to see your projects coming to life.


Damn. I am dumbfounded to see how you always have us in mind T! Feeling a little ashamed of my rentals now haha. But in the long run they would be able to help us power up yeah?:D I am proud member of @themesopotamians <3


There's different responsibility that comes with different power, and I think you're doing great. You can compare yourself to what I'm doing now when you have 7000 SP. I still don't think you should, but not until then.


I concur. Thank you for the support. Happy Weekend!

I will invest it in some strings of businesses. I love to be an entrepreneur in different investments because it really feels gratifying to me.


Do you have already an existing business? :)


No. But I am planning to get into a rental businesses. Like renting of canopies for events and so on. Capital is the challenge right now.


I understand. Yes, capital is mostly the challenge to conquer.


I understand. Yes,
Capital is mostly the
Challenge to conquer.

                 - modernpastor

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


A pastor and a poet,(at least haiku thinks so..), #PP damn ;)
Gracious Weekend to ya!

That's a lot of steem at 80 cents !

@modernpastor i will invest it in Steem.


This would surely​ be a good choice :)

Right now I would invest about $10,000 in Steem, $10,000 in Bitcoin, $10,000 in XLM and the rest in myself :)


What does in yourself mean exactly? :) Learning new skills?


No. Have enough of em. Have fun, buy new gadgets, get out of routine.


No. Have enough of
Em. Have fun, buy new gadgets,
Get out of routine.

                 - acesontop

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

14000 USD in gold waiting for the next market crash. (cash is no good)
8000 USD into index funds
8000 USD into Steem Power
7000 USD into various investment funds open to the public
3000 USD to round up my Bitcoin to full number
3000 USD to bootstrap my business aspiration as a service consultant

And the rest goes into a jar labeled "hookers and cocaine"

Five things to invest in:

  1. Startup a creativity hub/coworking space to encourage students, graduates, startups, technocrats and young entrepreneurs to become more productive by giving them conducive office space to work at reduced cost. The hub will be aimed at completely taking the CAPEX and OPEX of the hub users, and thereby providing a coworking environment for businesses to work together. The return on this investment should be from 6 months and beyond.

  2. I have a tiling/interior decoration startup, part of the fund will be put into getting the machinery required like the tile cutter and other equipments. I am looking into tile production itself, part of the fund will be used to acquire training and start off production from then. I'm sure to make returns on investment in 6months looking at the current market in my country. Having that fund will be a dream come true for me.

  3. I will invest in farming business as its still a season for planting and maximize the opportunity to delivery on food both internally and for export. Part of the fund will be used to plant on the land I already have for farming, hopefully, there will be return on investment in a span of 1 year.

  4. Real Estate: This is a growing business in my country. It is far one of the most important investment decision one can make. Part of the fund will be used for real estate.

  5. Steem power: a percentage of the fund will be used to acquire steem power and power up. I can both earn through delegation and by voting.


Real Estate I​ heard it now quite often. Seems to be a great opportunity in Africa right?
Where are you from my friend? Sounds like a structured plan you would have.


I am from Nigeria and real estate is a fantastic opportunity for investment. The opportunity is great because nigeria is still a developing country.

There is an increased level of unemployment in the country. A country very rich in human resources. Trust me, we have vibrant, intelligent and innovative youths, that through these investments, jobs will be created and gains made even as a an investor. There are many other opportunities aside real estate though.

50 dollars well investing it in a business may not be wise because you may end up needing more fund and you run bankruptcy and lose. The best thing would be to lose it somewhere worthwhile like either buying a worthwhile cryptocurrency and leaving it there for many years.
The best way to count one's blessings is not to count it.


Which crypto would you have in mind? :)


obviously ethereum and STEEM most importantly, they've got prospect but what do I know I may be the worst cryptocurrency predictor 😁😁

Dairy farming.


That is interesting. Are you already active in Dairy farming?


Nope, finance. I just love it though, and I see lots of opportunity in it

Hi, @modernpastor if I get $50,000 right now. There is a lot of property that the bank auctions at the very low prices especially real estate property so I would buy rentals because here in Africa the biggest booming investment is real estate. I also have a business where I sell bags and they really move so fast but my capital is so limited like I sell from home so I can grow my business to something big, get a shop around town and import ladies bags in huge quantities. Then will invest also in steem so I can curate the people in my country I honestly feel bad when people in my country nesh here some give up and leave the platform yet with steemit they do not have to look for a job but all they got is stick here for a living any way I love to bring change where ever I go so with investing in steem I can change the world.

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Wow! the truth is a lot of money at least for my haha, but for me currently one of the best investments are cryptocurrencies, personally I would invest in a masternode, I am not an expert but it would be my investment if I have that amount of money, one of the safest for example is Dash masternode, look this:
but there are many other interesting options such as smartcash and other projects that are very good (and of course I would invest something in steem of course :D).

$50,000 is equal to 18million in my currency. I've always wanted to invest in real estate, but this would not be enough. I've also been interested in setting-up a very big dreadlocs salon. So, I would just buy a small piece of land and build the salon on it. If there's still some money left, I would get an office too and start a freelance writing organization.

If am giving 50,000usd that will be a great thing to my life and will allow me to showcase all my childhood plans

1)I will invest half of the money into transportation (25,000usd).I have love to own a little transport company in my area ,that will be operating within the urban area of my state .and that will aid to people's employment , because I have long time wanted to be an employer of labour.

2)I will invest 10000usd on steem power that will aid to my blog as a steemian

3)I will invest 5000usd in my borehole project ,that is another problem that we are having in my area during dry season that business will make people that is living in my jurisdiction to have water and even sell it to people that will come for it.

4)will do a longer investment on lands from undeveloped areas that industrialization will come in soon will buy and keep still their value increases.

Most time we dream but lack of funds and were to get soft loans from kills the dreams especially in underdeveloped country like mine.

Didn't see you in the yesterdays game even in lineup.

Have a favorable weekend .

The 50.000$ (43.000€) would fully go to my goal to build and increase my passive income to get to a point where I can actually do something usefull in life without having to worry about the bills being paid.

  • Part would be used to cover all my costs for 2019 ( I always try to fund my expenses in advance and don't really have a need for an expensive lifestyle, about 13.000€ is enough to pay for most of my expenses and costs )
  • 10.000€ I would probably set aside to cover unexpected expenses so I have less worry there)
  • 20.000€ I would use to increase my crypto portfolio. The way I estimate this market, the risk / reward ratio is just too good not to 'take a gamble' on it. I would probably get 1 more bitcoin, double my SP from 5k+ to 10k+ since I spend so much time on this platform and really enjoy it. and split what is left between some other altcoins. (Tenx / EOS / Stellar / Monero / Wanchain / ... )

That's it


Sounds strong :)💪🏾
You said your goal is to increase your passive income. Ist Steem a source for you?

Where are you from my friend because you counted in euro.


Steem is more something of a backup plan that I really enjoy and helps me to achieve some goals in my personal life. (It is not really a passive income since I don't plan to lease out SP to bid bots)

I see myself as a semi-professional Sports Bettor and part of my income comes from betting on the Belgian Jupiler League where I am from. I use Steemit as a way to post my personal insights and previews on the matches while also keeping very close track of my personal betting results. This really works and helps to stay sharp all season long. I like to believe it also helps others to get a better insight in what it takes to be a winning player. (If you ever need info on teams or players from the Belgian League feel free to aks me about it!).

I am quite aware though that there are downswings and it is all far from guaranteed even though it has been my main source of income the past 10+ years. So having something that I enjoy and can potentially fall back on just in case I ever need to gives me more piece of mind. I do really like the new concept Steem brings and see potential in it so I do what I can to grow and help others grow aswel.

cryptocurrencies are the future
it's also inspiring for me

Hey Dude...

Also ich würde die 50k anlegen wenn sie zur Freienverfügung wären, und zwar nicht einfach sondern gesplittet, mit dem einen Teil würde ich sie so anlegen das ich eine Jährliche Ausschüttung erhalten würde diese würde icheinem Sozialen Projekt zur Verfügung stellen die sich schon seit jahren um Obdachlose meiner Heimatstadt kümmert...

Den anderen Teil würde ich für mich hier in Steem Investieren gerade jetzt wäre ein guter Zeitpunkt für eine solche anlage weil ich denke das es eine frage der Zeit ist das STEEM wieder aufsteigt


Das ist eine sehr noble Sache :)
Scheinst sozial sehr aktiv zu sein?

Ja, das mit STEEM sehe ich auch so, doch manchmal kommen da Zweifel auf. Dann denke, puh lohnt sich das wirklich? Hat es wirklich die Möglichkeit an Wert zu steigen.
Wie siehst du das?


Naja die Vergangenheit hat es uns doch gezeigt...

Siehe Dezember 2017

da war STEEM kurzzeitig af knapp 10$ dann bis zum märz auf um die 5 also ganz klar ja da geht was , das problem ist derzeit nur dads viele einfach Gainen und verkaufen das ist der Tot einer Krypto wenn sie andauernd verkauft wird.....

gerade in einem solchen Blockchain system in dem wir scheinbar aus dem nichts GAINEN ;)

ich HODL ist ja auch wenn meine einzige chance mal was daraus zu schaffen ;)

Sozial bin ich schon lange unterwegs.. aber das ist nur eine der vielen Seiten die ich habe ;) smile...

Derzeit helfe ich dabei eine Community zu stärken die sich um Deutschsprachige GAMING Streamer in DLIVE dreht. Desweiteren bin ich auch in der Community @helpie Aktiv , helfe im PAL dem Radiosender mit Graphiken, oder auch vielen Usern... Bin aber selbst dennoch meisst eher im hintergrund :D hihi wie auch immer ich das schaffe :D

zurück zum thema..

JA STEEM/SDB werden wieder steigen


Das stimmt allerdings. Das All time high war schon erstaunlich. Die Frage, die sich mir gestellt hat ist, nicht ob es dorthin mal wieder kommen kann, das denke ich schon. Aber es ob sich konstant auf diesem Preisegment stabiliseren kann. Und da kommt der Punkt, den du gerade genannt hast, wenn zu viel "Gain2 Mentalität involviert ist, nun ja, sehe ich es kritisch stabil auf dieser Marke zu argieren.

Wenn man sich anschaut was hier aber alles passiert. Puhh...

Ach ein Gamer bist du auch? Welche Richtung? :)


Derzeit ist ein Survival-Game on Top again ;)

7 Days to die, spielen ich und meine Crew mit einer MOD Namens Ravenhearst. In den nächsten Wochen ( ende July/ anfang Ausgust ) kommt dann noch ein grosses update dazu. Das schöne ist das diese Community sehr Aktiv ist , sei es die modder oder eben auch der Publisher selbst.

Ansonsten haben wir auch so die klassischen Spiele auf Lager wie PUBG ooder Fortnite ^^

Aber lieber dann ARMA 3 oder eben 7 Days... Langfristige Spiele anstatt kurzer Runden.

Wie gesagt diese Community ist gerade im Aufbau und wir suchen immer neue Streamer die sich Anschliessen.

Neben dem MAIN Account haben wir auch ein TRAIL erstellt der dann guten Streamern oder Gaming Orientierten Posts etwas LIEBE gibt ;)

Der derzeitige Trend zeigt das viele eben mal schnell GAINER aber das Schiff verlassen, also es gibt viele Accounts die inactiv sind bzw werden...

Diese ganze ich kaufe mir meine Votes Menthalität hat es sagen wir mal ins Wanken gebracht.

Wir hatten schon mal die Unterhaltung wie gefährlich BOTS für dieses System sind, und ich bleibe bei meinem Standpunkt... Da dieses Kaufen von Votes keinerlei Prüfung unterliegen udn damit eben Müll unterstützt wird...

Deswegen bin ich zb in der Community, aber auch dazu habe ich Dich ja eingeladen ^^

Das system bzw der Gedanke des Invest - reinvestment Systems ist ein guter aber eben auch anfällig für ein System wo Leute einfach mal eben ein bild posten und sich hoch pushen..

Der weg dagegen ist es zu Delegieren in ein System/ eine Community wo man sieht das dort gute content Ersteller sind...

As you mentioned, if I had $50K to invest, considering that I had my savings already done.

I would use that $50K to invest heavily on crypto 100% sure!
Let´s see if I can make a fair distribution between some good coins I've been following as potential investments.
1º) $10K on BTC to guarantee I wouldn´t lose all my money, just in case.
2º) $2K on ETH
3º) $8K on STEEM
4º) $10K on Lisk (LSK)
5º) $5K on 0x (ZRX)
6º) $5K on Zilliqa (ZIL) - I would probably wait a little bit more time on this one.
7º) $5K on NAS
8º) $3K on WABI
9º) $2K on HPB

Wao that would be a great miracle in our lives. in Venezuela the $ is currently in 3 thousand and sometimes a little more. So it would help us a lot. We have a project that we started years ago but with the increase of everything here in Venezuela it became impossible to finish it and start the business. It is a truck in which we would sell sweets and we would provide home service at events. My husband managed the transformation of the truck and the furniture inside since the truck has a kitchen inside and cabinets. It was necessary to register the company, the labeling and of course the raw material that is a great weight in the business. I had already done Course of sweets, Cakes, cup cakes and now I will start the bakery with certification. So in the first place I would invest in steemit ... :) steem power for me, my husband and my sister and in the second place it would end all that it takes to start that business ... In short I would invest it because that would be a great support for the family. It would be a great opportunity to make the most of it.

Here you can see what I mean

I've always wanted to start a business venture in Japan. I would definitely make a plan and take a flight to go as far as I can with the initial investment. Hopefully it could be a success but if not I would come back refresh and try something new.

Hm good question.

I would use around 15k to finally get myself a new car (used A3 maybe), since the one I inherited from my granddad (a Toyota Yaris Verso - not a beauty but really practical) is not gonna withstand its aging much longer.

5k for my flat (my friends want me to have a TV f.e.) :D

20k for investing (1 classical Omega watch, the rest 50/50 in crypto and classic shares)

5k for holidays (trip to island, etc.)

And since I always said that I would give 1/10 of big wins to charity —> 5k for charity (sth. like MSF)

Tried to be as honest as possible :)

i will make several things: Invest in Crypto, Keep some Fiat, Power up in Steemit too. I WILL NOT buy any car, or anything which will only create more cost. Because 50k is not that really much as it listen in the first moment. If people didnt be carefull, the money is spend in a very short time

In our currency that would 2.6M. So
35,000 I would buy a house and lot for my family. We have been renting since I was born and have been notified by owner to vacate the place because they will be using the property soon. 5,000 as additional investment on my stock/mutual/cooperative and even on steemit. 1000 donate to charities I have been wanting to help. 4000 for building my emergency fund. 5,000 start up new business.

Once my business grow that's when I think of travelling. :)

Hey @modernpastor if I have 50000 dollars with me then I will invest 25000 dollar in crypto market (in bitcoin and some other top coins etc) for a very long term which could be possibly more than 5 year. Remaining 25000 dollars I will use to setup milk business and farming. I have a plan of setting up milk plant where I can but cows and buffaloes who will produce milk. I want to provide pure milk to people and strictly no mixing of water in the milk. Since I am staying in city and here its very difficult to get pure milk. I like drinking milk a lot but can not get pure mild at any price. So if I would have money then I try to provide pure milk to as many people as possible. Milk is very good for health but it has to be pure then only we will get whole nutrition. I know milk will be in high demand always as people can live without tea or coffee if they use pure milk then I am sure they are going to love the taste. May be this business can not make money like so IT thing but I will be happy with it and live my dream in this work. On the other side when crypto will grow then anyways I will get a good amount of money from crypto market. If you have any suggestions for me then please advice. I will appreciate your suggestions.