The Infamous "Appal Shop!!"Film, Music, Radio, and Finding Uknown Talent! In the Town I was born in!

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The Appal Shop

This organization is what keeps the dreams alive for many that live abroad the Appalachia region and other rural communities, seeking out new voices and skill from talented musicians and artist that would never be heard if it weren't for them. From vast amounts of media , video, radio, music, theater, community exchanges . As they would say " bringing you together all the best rural cultural diversity ".

Appalshop is a private, non-profit organization supported with funds from public agencies, foundations, corporations, and many individuals like yourself. They feed more than $1,500,000 into the local economy, providing also Appalshop houses media production and training facilities in film and video, a community radio station, a 150-seat theater, art gallery, and regional archive of over 4,000 hours of film, audio recording, and still photos.


Heritage Proud

Many thanks and much love for what all the Appalshop provides and does for the rural communities, keeping the heritage, and dreams alive for all those who wish to preserve there roots .Founded in 1969, Appalshop brings forth new and often unheard voices and visions from the people of Appalachia and rural communities across America and abroad, demonstrating the power of arts and culture to create meaningful social and economic change.

images.jpg Seed time ! one of the many events Appalshop hosts coming next month, their 32nd Annual Festival of mountain arts will celebrate Youth in the Mountains as our Appalachian Media Institute celebrates 30 years of youth media production and The STAY Project has their 10th Anniversary of connecting youth across 5 mountain states. Stay tuned for updates and check out years past at, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Appalshop History

Inside the appalshop!

If you want to show support Click Here to donate to the beloved Appalshop they will surely appreciate it ! It allows them to keep feeding into the community.

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This is awesome!

It's a GREAT Organization !! They do a lot for rural communities and for the modern struggling artist, musician, and journalist of the like! :)

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