My Life's Path - Teaching's of Musashi Miyamoto still carry me"

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Photo by / @modernnomad

Philosophy by / Musashi Miyamoto


-Life Detached-

Attachments of life can burden our potential in truly knowing who we really are. In the age of optional ignorance, possessive behavior goes without acknowledging the power it has over our lives. Either selfishness in nature over what we feel entitled to, or we consistently fall victim to the self justification to the ongoing growth and favor in addictions. This Invisible enemy can wield power and influence over ones life. Remaining vigilant to this, I constantly detach first sight of any probable trouble that would enable me to loose sight of goals in life. So easy to stray from the path and when we do, we find ourselves bushwhacking through the brush, trying to find some way out of the madness we created.
Modern individuals are extremely picky over the simplest things in life, mostly due to the fact they have never truly went without, if you hate the mattress your sleeping on then sleep on the floor for a few days and you'll appreciate you had anything at all, same way in saying that sometimes we have to go hungry to appreciate a meal, and I believe that's what it all mostly boils down to , is the fact we lack appreciation most of our days. Things in life for people in America are extremely convenient, people settle for less and have lost sight in truly earning their keep, you have to work hard to put a smile on, and you need to appreciate more what you got when you got it. Life is seasonal, things come and go, and through these teachings of "Miyamoto" I have learned to accept what is, and what will be will be.


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