Outsourcing-A major problem

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I did my telecommunication Engineering from a prestigious University in Pakistan but I am jobless for 2 or more years now.

One will definitely ask why?

The reason is the massive amount of outsourcing in Telecom companies.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the hiring of a firm or a group of workers outside the main company to perform duties that are to be performed by the company itself.

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How is outsourcing reducing the number of jobs?

Actually It is reducing jobs in terms of quality rather than the quantity. The bigger companies which are called operators handover their duties to the outsourcing firms for a specific period of time on contract basis.

Why the operator do this?

Because the operators have to obey the laws, they have to pay handsome salaries and have to provide all the necessary facilities to their staff according to the laws and regulations. They don’t want to pay salaries, they don’t want the staff to get all the necessary facilities such as life and property insurance, recreational opportunities and medical funds.

To evade the laws of the state, they hire smaller firms at a much smaller cost than what the workers inside the company do. The firms then hire engineers on the contract basis without any permanent salary and insurance. Let me tell you my own story of how I refused to do my internship in a firm. I had to work with them for more than 12 hours a day and they would only pay me 100USD a month and that too without any safety gears and precautions. There were only limited funds for us to take meals while we travel from place to place in search of base stations which provide all the signaling. We had to work mostly from 9 PM to the morning since most of the users sleep at that time and there are better chances of readings. Seeing the conditions there, I preferred to stay home and refused to work. Now I have bright opportunities to grab a job in a local government school in which we have to work for like 6 hours and they pay 200Usd a month but I am wondering why I put some much effort in my engineering study???????


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