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Cybele,called Kubaba by the Hittites,was the Mother goddess in Anotolia since Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods.She was the goddess of nature,mountains,and animals,dominator of cities and agriculture and protectır of youn girls.Cybele was the sole goddess of Anotolia.Phrygians called her Agdistis.The phrygians are konwn to have adopted Anotolian culture through the Cybele cult,and this influenced Roman religion.According do divination,the war between the Cathaginians and the Romans caused Romans fatigue and disappointment and,in order to defat the Carthaginans,the Mother Cybele idol had to be brought to Rome from Pessinus,the religious centre of period.The Roman armies defeated armies of King Hannibal of Corthage after the Cybele idol had been taken to Rome accompanied by Phygian priests on 4th April.


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