Who can count sand of whole universe? A supercomputer ! !

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All praise is due to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet of Allah, the members of his family, his companions, and on all those who proceed on his path.
Allah shobhan watalah has created His creations giving some special quality to them. Each one is different from others , man makes supercomputer but a supercomputer can't count a grab of sand, let alone a full busket . But Allah has made such angels they can count whole universes sand within a short time; even those remains under water. Think how many sand in Shahara desert? Greatest desert of the universe. Larger than India, Bangladesh & Pakistan.



Now I should tell about my sustainer who is giving me sustainences while i was inside the womb of my mother, how he can count sand? Yes He can, before angles counting He knows how many are there? Even He knows their weight and He has knowledge about their increase and decrease .He is Allah sustainer of whole universe.



বিজ্ঞানীরা কি এমন কোনো সুপারকম্পিউটার বানাতে পেরেছে যে মাত্র এক মুঠো বালু গণনা করতে পারে? উত্তর হবে না। ট্রিলিয়ন বৎসর চেষ্টা করেও তারা পারবে না । অথচ আল্লাহ এরকম ফেরেশতা বানিয়ে রেখেছেন মুহূর্তের মধ্যে পৃথিবীর সব বালু গণনা করতে পারবে পানির নিচেরটাও, আর আল্লাহ আমার আল্লাহ কি করতে জানেন? উনি গণনা করার আগেই জানেন কি পরিমান বালু আছে সারা মরুভূমিতে, পানির নিচে, পাথরের নিচে এবং তিনি ওজন সহ জানেন তিনি হলেন আল্লাহ যিনি এতো ক্ষমতা রাখেন।



We should obey His Commandance, to whom we have to returned.
আমাদের উচিৎ তার হুকুমকে নবীর তরিকায় মানা।

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It's not that big a feat to count all the sand in the universe. Mathematicians have been doing it for centuries. Given, their findings are based on many assumptions. Such as the definition of sand grains. Are they small pebbles, microscopic shells, minerals, etc. All these things have mass, so you can create estimates of how much the universe contains. The older, much older, Muslim mathematicians even did this. Back when science was still a thing in Islam.

i said counting, not mass. What u said assumption and definite both have far difference. Any body can assumption, what will be assumption about under water & under mountains sand.

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