Being a teenager

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The new things

When you become a teenager your whole life suddenly changes. Hormones kick in, your you're popularity matters, the way you look matters and everything you didn't care about suddenly overpowers your life. You feel like social media is the best place to be. When taking pictures, everything should be perfect, and after that you still edit the picture to look better, the beauty of the picture suddenly becomes more valuable than the moment it was taken in.


Your friends are your new family. The way they act and do stuff, is the way you start to act and do stuff. Be careful not to mix with the wrong group, they can bring your standards down and pull you down rather than lift you higher. Sometimes it takes a while before you know where you fit in, but as soon as you do, you'll make the best memories with them and always have fun. Your friends are the people who will support you through your dark times and the ones that will force you to get out of your house to go do stuff with them, even if you're sick or don't want to. They always make you do the craziest stuff, stuff that you would regret when you lay in your bed at night, that is if they're not sleeping over, which is like always. Lol.

Social parties

Even if I haven't yet experienced one of these myself, because I'm to young. I've heard quite a few mindblowing stories about these parties. As far as I've heard, this is one of the things you shouldn't let slip by while growing up. I can't really elaborate since I haven't been to one yet. Let's just say I can't wait to go to my first social party, feeling the music pulsing through my veins and experiencing this all with my best friends.

Going through mixed emotions

Every teenager goes through a time where they don't know how they feel. They just want to sit alone and think. Think about how they're changing and how life is changing. From being a little child wearing bright colourful clothes, you suddenly start wearing the blacks, whites and greys to fit in. You do what everyone is doing, and you're even scared to stand out. You don't know what to feel. Sometimes it's difficult to be yourself, because being yourself isn't what people always want. You go through a state which I like to call mixed emotions. Everyone goes through it, it's nothing strange. Even though I'm still going through this phase myself, I've already gotten stronger and already found part of myself, now I need to continue growing and finding the rest of who I am.

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