The Something to Prove Scenario

in #life4 years ago (edited)

Many times in life we feel we have something to prove. Whether it's a job in a relationship or even a hobby.

However, where is that point where something to prove becomes, well stupid.

I find this most when someone is trying to prove themselves to another person. It could be a friendship or a relationship with the opposite sex.

You just want that person to want you, to see that you are awesome. It is one thing to pursue someone and win them over, but there is a point of stupidity where you are just wasting your time.

We have all probably been on both sides of this. I for one know I have been.

Luckily we grow as people (well some of us do) and are aware of what is going on and thus make wiser decisions for ourselves.

I still go after things I want, but when people are involved I also keep an eye on that something to prove syndrome. It doesn't matter how could a fit you think you and another person are if you constantly feel you need to win that person over. Whether this is a love interest of a boss' approval.

There comes a point where you are just being a blind fool (the stupidity I mentioned earlier).

This realization is a positive thing, at least in my opinion. You can work hard, you can be loyal while still not falling into that trap of trying to prove yourself to someone else. There really is a breaking point with this.

I have recently felt like I have been on both ends of this with different people this year and it just brought it to mind.

Life is learning and experience is the best teacher!

Keep learning my friends.

Mitchell J

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